Monday, July 12, 2010

Mogli the little mermaid.

 These two images where taken during our holiday trip to the Netherlands two years ago, not yesterday at the lake. :)

Hi! :)
Yesterday, we taught Mogli how to swim!!!!! :) It was soooo amazing and I couldn't believe it! :) Since two summers we have been trying to teach him how to swim and although he loves water, he always only went so far into the lake or sea as he was able to stand and he didn't understand that he was able to swim. During the last summers, we have always been practicing a bit and have been trying to convince him to follow us further into the water, but he was suspicous. Last week, we tried it again and he nearly swam, but then he only paddled a bit with his front legs. Then, yesterday, Flo and I went to the lake where dogs are allowed to swim again and tried our luck. While we were trying to persuade him to swim for two hours, he more and more paddled and one saw that he really wanted to follow us into the deeper water, but he didn't know how. Then, boys with a football came and Mogli wanted this ball soooo bad. We used it to entice him, the boys helped us and it worked!! :) It was soooo cute so see him swimming, I was even moved to tears, because we have been trying it for so long. At first, he was a bit clumsy, but then we helped him a bit and put our arms under his belly and he swam again and again and wanted to reach us when we swam away from him. It was great to see his trust in us and we were so proud of him and ouselves. :) Great day and a great way of spending the hot day in the lake. :)
Love, Lu


  1. awww, cutie! congrats on teaching him how to swim. the pictures look amazing

  2. Congratulations, that is so exciting, it can be difficult trying to teach a dog, my dog is really good with simple commands, 'come', or 'sit', and even 'shake' but ask him to chase a tennis ball... he won't!! We have tried coating it in peanut butter.. still no luck!! We haven't tried to take him to the beach yet though! :) Hazel

  3. this is so precious :D

    & those photos are lovely!

  4. omg hes so cute!! I love him :) im impressed at anyone who can teach a dog to do anything.. poss cuz im so used to cats who do what they like!


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