Thursday, July 15, 2010

Felt friends.

Here are some felt brooches I've made recently, the cupcake and the camera have been sold immediately, but I don't know if anybody has already purchased the watermelon. :) Any suggestions concerning new brooches? Some days ago I finished a new felt camera and I want to make some new birds, but do you have any other ideas? :)
I hope you enjoyed your summer day, we were swimming in the lake with Mogli again and it was the third time he was swimming, and the first time he was doing that without any help. Photos coming soon... :)
Love, Lu


  1. I love the camera! very very cute :)

  2. the cupcake is adorable. you should try making some cartoons or a cute little pig should be easy.
    Good luck! <3

  3. What about a strawberry or a cassette?
    I think the cupcake's cute ;-)

  4. i love cupcakes but that watermelon is the cutest!!


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