Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cushion covers.

Here's a project I have been wanting to do for so long and I finally pulled myself together to start sewing these cushion covers. :) My mother has given us two cushions for the chairs in our kitchen some months ago, but their surface is very scratchy. I recently bough this cute bird fabric during a shopping trip at Ikea and today I made these two cushions covers. :)

Because there is much more space than on my desk, I like working on the floor, but see who wanted to be with me all the time. :D

Isn't he cute? He never wants to be alone and he is always sooo curious. While I was pinning up the fabric, he used my leg as a headrest. :D


  1. ohu sehr fein! gut gemacht!
    udn mogli wollte helfen <3 <3

  2. Your chairs look beautiful!

    I love ikea fabric! But there are no ikeas around me!

    life is so unfair!

  3. Huaaa, Heeey! Der Stoff sieht echt gut aus. Wenn du herkommst suchen wir gerne die guten Stoffläden in der Umgebung ab. Hab dann endlich auch mal Zeit, ich will auch nen paar Sachen hier nähen ;)


  4. die guten stoffläden in der umgebung... hast du noch welche entdeckt??? tell me more, weil ich such ja immer nach was schönem... mörfelden hat halt viiiiel auswahl, aber nich so geile muster wie ikea...

    sieht schön aus, lu ;)

  5. i really need to make covers for my kitchen chairs!!

  6. Nice job Lu! I'm super impressed with your zipper sewing skills!

    I've got the button/widget thing working now. Thanks for giving me the heads up!

  7. oh i need to make some covers for my dining chairs! but i have to learn how to sew first :S

  8. Ikea fabric!!!!!<3
    This turned out so nice!

    So glad I came across your blog today. You're an inspiration :]


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