Monday, April 05, 2010

Wanna eat a cupcake? :)

Do you want to try this one? :) I think it tastes like vanilla, raspberry and spring! :) As you can see when looking at my latest posts, felt is currently one of my favourite materials to work with. Although it needs some time to sew everything by hand, it is sooo much fun and I love having the result of my creative process in my hands. :) So, tell me, what are your current projects?


  1. this looks great!! I love what you're doing with felt!

  2. Super!
    I am making a batch of brooches and softies, they range from cupcakes to owls ^_^

  3. this is so cute and professional!!
    I think your blog is speaking German to me!

  4. Thank you all, I'm happy about your lovely comments. :)


I'm always happy about feedback and about getting to know your opinion! :) Thank you!