Thursday, April 29, 2010

A sunny spring Sunday in Berlin.

Hi dearest readers,
how are you? :) How did your spend your week? I've been very busy with my job and with universitiy, and yesterday I went to the other end of Germany for a workshop my boss has sent me to, but from time to time I managed to do some crafting, photos about this will be posted during the next days. :)
Here are some pictures of last Sunday when I went to the park with some friends, it's a very famous one in Berlin called Mauerpark (which means "wall park" in English, is has its name because it is located where the Berlin Wall has once been) and there is a very very famous flea market every Sunday (so if you ever visit Berlin, go there :)) and when it's warm outside, there is even open air karaoke. :) I love being there in the warm season, because it nearly feels like visiting a music festival because of the people making music everywhere, having a barbecue and speaking different languages everywhere you go, it's fantastic. :)

I love Berlin streetart, this one is by a guy called Bronco of whom you can find pieces of art nearly everywhere in the city.

This is the awesome karaoke show, you nearly cannot find any free space to sit down, because it's so crowded when the weather is great. :) Some people are really good at singing, some others are just funny. :)


  1. Karaoke is always like that, especially when really drunk people are involved. But, that's also what makes it great! I wish we had something so wonderful here. It is festival season, though.

  2. I would love to go back to berline!! Karaoke is fabulous and sometimes very painful to listen to lol

  3. i miss berlin! will be home in a few weeks, can't wait

  4. wow!
    i think i've never seen such a karaoke show with so much audience... this is awesome and i definately have to go there in summer... omg, in summer i can go, if i want to... whooooo (just realized that!!!)

  5. cool, da hat eine freundin von mir auch mal gesungen! :)


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