Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'm loving my sewing machine more and more...

Good morning my dearest readers, here's another purse I've made with my sewing machine. :) Unfortunately, I've made some little mistakes, but I've learned from them and I think with every try, I'm getting better. :) I've never joined a course about how to use a sewing machine so far, so regarding this, I'm very proud of what I've tought myself. :) If anyone of you is currently working on a project where the sewing machine is involved, please show me. :)


  1. Das Label drin ist eine gute Idee!

  2. yay!! keep sewing; it only gets easier and more fun! Plus then you can have friends/referrals pay you to do easy jobs like hemming pants!

    I'm soon going to start taking on alteration projects


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