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Moving to a New Home (with Zapf Umzüge) and a Free Handlettering Printable (for Moving Boxes)

[Werbung / sponsored:] This post was written in cooperation with Zapf Umzüge who moved all my boxes and furniture to my new home.

Wohooo, it's already a month since I moved from Potsdam to Berlin and today, I want to tell you how it was like and how I organized everything - including a free printable for labeling your moving boxes.
Back in spring, my Monsieur and I started with apartment hunting in Berlin. We wanted to move together and after eight years of living in Potsdam, I finally wanted to live in Berlin. Apartment hunting was no fun at all. Crowded homes, looking at apartments with fifty other people at the same time, no success in sight. Moreover, I'm not patient at all.
Then I decided to hire an estate agent and it happened super quickly: we immediately found the apartment of our dreams and were able to move in withing two weeks. Excitement and packing panic at the same time. :)
We started packing and booked a car. I tried to figure out how I should get all my stuff into it and was convinced we would need to drive twice so that I could take all my clothes, crafting stuff and furniture with me.
Drowning in packing chaos, I luckily remembered the moving cooperations of The Kaisers and Frisch Verliebt with Zapf Umzüge, asked them both for the contact person and wrote an e-mail to Zapf. 

Moving to Berlin with Zapf Umzüge

The people over at Zapf Umzüge liked my suggestions of doing a moving report and agreed to do the transportation of my belongings from Potsdam to Berlin, yay! What a relief! 
First of all, I had to use their online price inquiry to estimate the cost and effort. Then they quickly sent me roughly fifty cardboard moving boxes based on all the belonging that I listed. Apart from ordering boxes or practical moving supplies, you could also book a moving consultant who visits your home and you can book moving helpers who dismantle or build up your furniture. They even install your household appliances if you want them to. :)

So when I received the huge pile of boxes which they brought into my old apartment, I finally really started packing. In order to be able to find all of my belongings when unpacking, I made handlettering moving box labels. They are super practical to find the right moving box content and they are also awesome so that the moving helpers can directly place the boxes inside the right room of the new home.

Free Moving Box Handlettering Printable

Go to the download:
>>> Get your own free moving box handlettering printable.

Hooray! So I printed out plenty of my handmade labels and put them onto the boxes with masking tape.
 Thus, packing was a lot more fun. :)

My lovely friend Anja came over and took some photos of me (thank you again! :)). Next to the normal sized boxes and the book boxes, Zapf also sent me some of those huuuuge boxes for dresses. Just perfect for me so that all of my clothes wouldn't get wrinkly when transporting them. I could simply hang them onto the hook and later hang them into my closet again. The boxes are so huge that even I fit in there.
Using those huge boxes, I thought that it would also be a good idea to use them for transporting my monstera plants. It could have been a good idea, but I forgot to leave out the water and I forgot to tell the moving helpers about my plan, so you can guess what happened... ;)
The first pile was done, hooray!
Labeled with my handlettering printables, the boxes looked really fun and with the help of Anja, I got lots of work done quickly.
Before Zapf agreed to do the moving stuff with me, I had already bought some conventional moving boxes at the hardware store and one can really feel a difference! Those from Zapf are made of much thicker cardboard and are a lot more sturdy.

Packing, packing, packing...

The big Moving Day

Then the big day came quickly. The Zapf team with four men arrived early in the morning.
Despite all the stuff that I own (lots of furniture and 50 boxes!!!), it only took them two hours to fill their truck with everything. They were super friendly, funny and motivated while still being quick and careful.
One of the best things about moving with Zapf was that they organized a parking prohibition zone in front of both apartments so that they could directly load and unload their truck in front of my door. Such a good service! 

My whole belongings inside of one truck. Isn't it a weird feeling that your whole (material) life fits into one car? :) When did you move for the last time?

Bye bye, beautiful Potsdam apartment, bye bye, beautiful street, bye bye, beautiful city!
Wow, I have been living there for eight years and now it was time for a new chapter. Since most of my friends live in Berlin and since my work and nearly all of my social life take place there, it was the next step to move to Berlin and to live together with my Monsieur in one place. Happines!
Arriving in Berlin, everything had to be unloaded. It took only one and a half hours, craaazy! They were so fast (despite the huge amount of stuff) and one could see that the whole team was really an expert at what it was doing! :)
So here it is, my new home. This is the living room...
... and this is the view from the living room into the bed room...
... and the view from the living room into the kitchen.
They packed my boxes onto piles according to the handlettering labels that I made and later on, this made unpacking really easy.
About two weeks later when we were done with unpacking all boxes, I called Zapf and they picked up the boxes. Such an amazing service! Even when you have kids, they are perfectly prepared and also send you some toys and information material to prepare them to move into a new home.

After everything worked out so quickly and comfortably, I am super super happy and overwhelmed by the big relief I had thanks to Zapf. I wouldn't have had the energy and man power to do it the conventional way (with getting onto friends' nerves and with doing it all on our own) and so it as just perfect the way it was. So thank you again, Zapf! :)

One of the best things about moving is decorating and furnishing new home afterwards. We are nearly done and only a few things are still missing.

Does anyone of you have recommendations for stores with nice kitchen cabinets or couches (vintage or vintage look or Danish Design) far from conventional furniture labels? I am thankful for every hint! :)

Can't wait to show you more of my new home and thanks for reading and for following along!
Happy week,

P.S.: This blogpost was written in cooperation with Zapf who did the transportation and the service during my move from Potsdam to Berlin. Of course, they did not have any impact on the content of my review and all opinions stated here are my own. Thanks!

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  1. Hurra, herzlichen Glückwunsch zur neuen Wohnung! Es sieht wunderschön aus! Bei uns steht auch ein Umzug an, da kommen deine Printables wie gerufen - trotzdem graut mir bisschen vorm Packen... Alles Liebe, Constanze


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