Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Freebie: Herb Label Printable (in German)

[Werbung: this is a sponsored post in cooperation with Bionade]

Yippie, summer is here (at least partly) and what I enjoy a lot is that fresh herbs are available all the time now.

So today, it's time for a new contribution to my blog's freebie category: you can download a printable with herb labels (in German).
Together with Bionade, I created a handlettering sheet with all basic types of herbs that people usually have in their garden or kitchen.

Bionade's Summer Competition: Colorful Instead of Grey

As you might know, Bionade is a German lemonade brand which uses only natural ingredients and is made in the middle of Germany. Last summer, I was invited to their lemonade factory for a tour and a sleepover in the countryside and got plenty of insights into their manufacturing processes and learned a lot about the company values.
This summer, Bionade has launched their huge "Colorful instead of grey" campaign and contest (German: "Bunt statt grau") in order to make urban spaces green and colorful and to declare love to nature. Such a wonderful idea! Check out the competition's website I linked above in order to join the fun and to win bikes, lemonade and other great stuff by posting photos on Instagram, using the hashtags #buntstattgrau and #Bionade. You can find more information in the terms and conditions of the competition.

Free Handlettering Herb Label Printable

So my contribution to the campaign and to the goal to make the city greener and more colorful are a
bunch of handlettered herb labels that you can print out yourself and use for decorating your home or to hand over plants with tags to your loved ones.

Free download: herb label printable (Kräuter Schilder)

Download the printable and take some wooden sticks, scissors and a hot glue gun.
Use your hot glue gun to attach the wooden sticks to the back.
Yay, so pretty!

As much as in Bionade are fresh herbs, I filled my home with herb pots. :) There are rosemary plants, basil, mint and on the window sill, there's also parsley, chives, oregano and sage.

This spring, Bionade released a new flavor, rosemary and blackcurrant. So so fresh and tasty! Nevertheless, still my fave flavor without a doubt is lemon-bergamot.
Yippie yippie yay, pure summer, pure herb explosion!
So enjoy summer, make everything colorful and have fun with the printables! I'd love to see photos!
Happy day,

This blogpost was written in cooperation with Bionade, all contents and opinion are mine. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Liiiebste Lu, mal wieder wunderschön geletterte Labels! <3 Mir gefällt ja olle Peter (Silie) am besten. :D <3 Nur leider wächst der bei mir nicht so gut. Vielleicht sollte ich es nochmal versuchen? :D


    1. Danke danke meine Liebste! :) Bei uns gedeiht die tatsächlich draußen super, aber sie ist nicht selbst gezogen. :D Vielleicht klappt es ja mit der hübschen Beschriftung! Kussi

  2. Liebe Lu, das sind die schönsten Kräuterschildchen, die ich je gesehen habe- wundervoll ♥ dickes Kompliment!
    Liebe Grüße von einer Hobbygärtnerin,

    1. Oh wie lieb, liebe Bianca, ich freue mich riesig!! :)

  3. Oh die Schilder sind toll, mein Kräutergarten wird sich freuen 😍 danke für die tollen Vorlagen!

    Viele Grüße,
    KiRo Kreativ

    1. Das freut mich sehr, viel Spaß damit!! :)

      Liebe Grüße


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