Thursday, April 27, 2017

DIY Gift Ideas

Hello my dear readers! For sharing some new DIY ideas and inspiration with you, I wanted to show you the handmade gifts I gave away last Christmas.

Most of them are projects you can easily do yourself. Come and join the fun! :)

DIY Gift Ideas - Surprise everyone with those fun projects:

When you have access to a lasercutter, you are a lucky one. I made illustrations of old cameras, digitalized them and cut them out with a lasercutter.

Apart from the cameras, I also played with other motifs like fruits or geometrical house shapes and turned them into brooches, earrings and key chains.

Next, I did another wood project: I turned pieces of wood into geometrical necklaces.

Absolutely one of my fave DIY projects so far, because it involves color, different materials and different creative techniques and the result is oh so pretty!

To surprise all of my friends, I embellished a whole bunch of plain notebooks with my handletterings.

Most of the letterings were totally fitting the person they were gifted to.

Yippie yay, all those fonts and styles!

My boyfriend got something extra special: since I bought him a spot in a sushi class for Christmas, I also sewed this sushi-shaped pillow for him.

And because I am so much into handlettering, I made several embroidery hoops with motivating letterings to give them to some lovely people.

Yay, thanks for following around my creative adventures! :)
What was the last handmade gift you created?
Happy day


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