Thursday, March 23, 2017

Shop the Look: Colorful Interior Products on Pinterest

[Werbung / advertisement: this post was written in collaboration with Pinterest.]

Hello everyone! You might know that I love Pinterest as a tool for collecting and for sharing inspiration, that's for example why I just recently shared a guide with Pinterest basics for bloggers.

This time, I've got some other news: one can of course not only use Pinterest to pin inspiration, but also to save products and to do online shopping.

Your New Interior Look on Pinterest:

My contribution - surpriiiise - is a board with everything colorful:

Shop the look: MY HAPPY POPS OF COLOR. Oh how much I love white, bright and airy home with many colorful eyecatchers. You can find all those pretty products on my board.

Get inspired and let us know what your fave colorful interior product are! :)
Happy day

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  1. These are good and inspiring ideas! I think that my handmadewritings friends will like the idea and do some handmade staff with me. Thank you!


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