Thursday, November 10, 2016

Handlettering Christmas Wishlist

[Werbung:] Wow, it's already November and Christmas is slowly getting closer. While I am already thinking about gift ideas for my loved ones, I have also been asked what I want to add to my own Christmas wishlisht this year.

For a cooperation project, Pilot wanted to know about my past Christmas experiences and gifts that I really loved or disliked. Not that easy, but what I love most are gifts which are thoughtful and which have been created with love and a little effort.

Wonderful Christmas Gift Memories:

A while ago for example, my housing situation had changed the time before Christmas, it was not my best time ever when I redecorated my whole home and was not in the mood for Christmas at all. Thus, my best friend and plant queen Anja of Aentschies Blog got me a super cute book about plants and plant care with the most beautiful illustrations, grew me new plants for my home and made me an illustration with a handlettering, stating that life is always easier for us while being best friends and being there for each other. Such a perfect present, so thoughtful and perfecly fitting the overall situation. Moreover, she added a tote bag of one of our fave bands, the Beatsteaks. I had seen this bag at a concert at which we've been together, but I forgot to buy it. She secretly got it for me on the Internet and since that Christmas, it has been one of my most favorite everyday life companions.

My Christmas Wishlist 2016:

So this year, Pilot pens asked me to use their V5 V7 Pens to write my own Christmas wishlist. Those pens are made from recycled materials, have a stainless steel tip and allow really precise writing.
Writing down Christmas wishes was quite challenging, because I am lucky to say that I have everything that I need and although I love collecting stuff like art supplies and fashion items for frequent usage, I am also trying to consume less and to focus on adventures instead of focussing on stuff.
 Nevertheless, there are still some things I want to own and also some overall wishes that I have:

- I want to invest more time for being lazy, and this is also something I want for my Christmas holidays, doing nothing at all, just hang around and try to be bored (I can't remember the last time I have been bored and sometimes this can really be a satisfying feeling when you are usually rather active ;)).
- I want white Chuck All Star shoes from Convervse. I love those shoes!
- There are those wonderful yellow raincoats and yellow jackets from Derbe, a Hamburg-based label, and I want one of those for grey and rainy days.
- Short holidays with friends, that's what would be so so much fun. The best thing is: we have already planned this, so this is a wish definitely coming true. :)
- New adventures: I want new discoveries, experience and knowledge instead of collecting stuff which is still nice, but which no one really needs. 

Win A City Trip and Shopping Weekend:

What about you, what are your Christmas wishes? Do you write a wishlist every year?

In case you are planning to create your own wishlist, join the movement and take part in Pilot's charity campaign: upload your wishlist, they are donating money to a charity project for every upload and you can then win a shopping weekend and Pilot pens.

Have fun and a happy day!

P.S.: This blogpost was written in cooperation with Pilot, but everything written are my own thoughts and meanings. Thanks! :)


  1. Ohhhhhh
    Wenn das Christkind so einen tollen Wunschzettel bekommt, dann steht dem geschenketurm unterm Christbaum ja nicht smehr m Wege XD


    Viele liebe Grüße


  2. I am so excited to see your blog and come full circle in my hops. Thank you to all you fabulous bloggers for doing this. I'm working in this website I loved getting the chance to meet and learn from you.


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