Sunday, September 04, 2016

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Repotting my Plant Collection

Hello everyone! After being out with friends for most of the last weekends, it feels so relaxing to just be at home for three days in a row, running some errands, going to the market, playing Super Mario and rearranging the home.
One thing I particularly enjoyed this weekend and to which I am also dedicating this blogpost is repotting my plants: during the past two years, thanks to my best friend Anja of Aentschies Blog, I have started owning plants and luckily, most have been surviving ever since.
Some of my cacti, succulents and other plants have been growing like crazy, so they urgently needed a new home. At first, all dead plants on the balcony were cleared out, so there were several new pots for being filled again. We then drove to the garden center, bought new soil and some other supplies and it took several hours this whole weekend to repot everything.
The home was dirty - I was, too - and it needed some cleaning, but the whole thing was sooo relaxing and thanks to the effort and Anja's constant helpful advice, I have nearly doubled the amount of plant pots and all plants have enought space again. 
Hooray, so much fun!
This is the most spontaneous blogpost I have written in a while and I am enjoying it to the fullest. :)
Have a splendid Sunday, I will enjoy mine with friends coming over for brunch pretty soon, so I will now have to hop into the kitchen.

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