Friday, November 13, 2015

Home Tour 2015: Colorful Bedroom Happiness

Hello everyone! Back in April, I have taken tons of bright photos for a home tour and haven't found the time to publish them, yet. In the meantime, some things have changed again, but here's how my home has been looking most of the time in 2015, such a beautiful place to feel comfortable at! :)

So the first room I want to show you is my oh so colorful bedroom with clothing rack, golden mirror backround (leftover from a party photo corner ;))), colorful accessories and sweater collection. A place to relax and to plan fashion adventures.

Luloveshandmade at Home: The Bedroom

The corner where I get dresses up. Oh how much I love that colorfulness!
The view into the bedroom from the living-room / workspace.
The crochet basket on the nightstand is handmade.
Here's the view to the kitchen. All rooms are connected with each other and you could run around in circles all day. :D
You know nothing, Jon Snow! ;) The typewriter is from my mother and is a really pretty vintage piece. The calligraphy quote is one of my fave fleamarket treasures ever! :)
Memories and sweater and cardigan collection.
Dressing up is a hard choice every day! :)
Thanks for joining my home tour! :)
Is your home colorful, too?

Happy weekend! :)


  1. I love the way you decorated your home *-* The mix of white walls and color everywhere else just kills meeeeeee

  2. I love how colourful your home is! It looks gorgeous! :)

  3. Das schöne Lu-Haus! Ich war da und ich kann sagen, es sieht WIRKLICH so aus!:)

  4. It makes me sooooo happy that everything is in rainbow order!!! What a gorgeous bright space :) x

  5. Hachja, sieht richtig schön bunt aus :) Bei mir muss auch alles bunt sein, aber leider wirkt es dabei nicht so ordentlich wie bei dir :D


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