Thursday, October 15, 2015

Favorite Restaurants and Cafes: Lu Loves Goura Pakora - Vegan Food in Berlin

It's been a while since I wrote my last Berlin guide blogpost to share some of my fave places and food spots with you. This time, it's all about delicious and healthy food.

Have you already heard about Goura Pakora? This is a super tasty soulfood restaurant in Berlin-Friedrichshain where you can eat deliciously and enjoy their pretty interior at the same time.
They have lots of vedic food, most of it reminds me of the Indian kitchen with chutneys, falafels, salads and pakoras. Hmm, so good!
Everything is healthy, freshly made and produced with ingredients of a good quality.
The interior of the small restaurant is super pretty with all the wooden furniture and natural and plain decor.
I've been there twice, having tried a mixed plate and having eaten cauliflower with a chutney, so so good! This is one of the food spots where you can really enjoy while doing your body and sould something good.
And as you can see, the whole room is really nice to look at, it's cozy and pretty at the same time! :)
If you are in Friedrichshain, definitely check out this place and say hi to the nice team.

Here's where you can find Goura Pakora:
Goura Pakora
Krossener Straße 16
10245 Berlin
Call: 030 / 98364440
Click to visit their website


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