Monday, September 21, 2015

DIY: Kitty Cat Pillow Set (Sewing and Printing Project)

Eeeeeks, cuteness overload! :) My lovely friend Sina is celebrating her birthday today and I made her two kitty cat pillows. Make them yourself!
One of the pillows is a normal square one with stamped kitty silhouettes, the other one is the head of a happy kitten.

Make your own kitty cat pillows:

What you need: 
- Fabric and polyfill
- Textile color, a sponge, paint brushes
- A rubber and a stamp carving set
- Sewing machine, sewing supplies, an ironing board, a hot iron

How to make your own kitty pillows:
Cut out fabric in the shape of a cat's head (two layers for front and back) and two squares for the other pillow (front and back). Iron the fabric and then use textile color for the face of the kitty. For the second pillow, cut the shape of a cat's head out of a rubber, then use it together with textile color to stamp the pattern (put textile color onto a sponge and use it as a stamping pad). Let everything dry or use a hairdryer to fasten the process, then iron the fabric.
As a next step, put the fabric layers of the pillows onto each other (each time right sides facing), then sew them onto each other with a small seam allowance. Leave an opening at the bottom. Neaten the seam allowances. Then turn the fabric of each pillow inside out, iron them, fill them with polyfill and close the opening of each pillow either by hand or with a sewing machine. If you want to, you can also sew around the whole pillow, I just did this with the kitty's head. Done.
It's super easy and so pretty!
Have fun and happy sewing! :)


  1. Das wäre das perfekte Weihnachtsgeschenk für meine Gastschwester. Wird sofort gespeichert und ausprobiert! Vielen lieben dank. :)

    Liebste Grüße,
    Hannah. :)

  2. This is so beautiful. I definitely need one of these pillowcases! I love it, such a good tutorial.

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