Monday, August 17, 2015

Video DIYs: The First Day of School - Making a School Cone, Confetti Box and Brooch with Jess Lange and DaWanda

Hello and happy day! The first day of school is coming for many children and I have prepared new projects for my video category.

Do you know wonderful TV presenter and author Jess Lange and her YouTube Channel Jess on Tour? We got to know each other during a video shoot for the German TV channel KIKA and now I invited her to join me for a video shoot with DaWanda.
Jess' little niece is about to have her first day of school, so we made a girly school cone, a confetti box and a brooch. See yourself in the videos! :)


DIY: Girly School Cone

Here we made a girly school cone for the little princess. Watch the video and find inspiration for making a school cone yourself!

 We made a normal-sized school cone and also a smaller one for her little sister.
There are so many different options for styling a school cone yourself - watch the video and find out how to do it!

DIY: Brooch

In this video, Jess and I show you how to make a cute brooch which the kids can wear on their first day of school.

You can make this brooch in different sizes and of course it could also be used for a normal party or for a birthday.

DIY: Confetti Box

To add some color and even more happiness to that special first day of school, we show you how to make a confetti box. You could also make one for a festival or for a birthday party, confetti always adds joy! :)

 So so bright and colorful!
Colors are happiness, aren't they?

This was such a fun video shoot! Thank you a lot, dear Lena, for shooting with us for DaWanda, and thank you a lot for joining us, Jess! :)

Have fun with the videos and happy Monday! :)

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