Thursday, August 27, 2015

Refugees Welcome! - Blogger für Flüchtlinge (Bloggers for Refugees) // Handlettering Freebie

Dear readers! During the past summer weeks, a lot has happened in Germany. Refugees from other contries have come here, looking for shelter and a safe place to escape the terrors of war. Mortal agony and having lost a lot of the poeple you love, having lost your home and everything you own - this is something which most of us hardly can imagine.

With all those people in need coming here, it is unbelievable that there is resistance, that there are people who burn down refugee homes and fight against those who are the poorest and who need help the most. There are no words for how terrible and disgusting this is and each day when reading the current news, I can't decide if I want to cry or to throw up.
The more this is happening, the more important it is that everyone else speaks up against this, not tolerating this behavior and showing solidarity with refugees - REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE!!!

During those days, it is wonderful to see how many people show comittment and solidarity, for example all those amazing volunteers at Moabit hilft! who immediately unbureaucratically took care of all the poeple waiting in front of the Lageso in Berlin (Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales = State Office for Health and Social Issues), being in desperate need of food, accomodation and health care.

Refugees Welcome - Blogger für Flüchtlinge

The other wonderful initiative which I mainly want to tell you about is Blogger für Flüchtlinge (Bloggers for Refugees): some really great and dedicated bloggers have built a website and donation campaign to actively help, show solidarity with refugees and to peacefully resist racism, discrimination and xenophobia.

Most of us bloggers are well-connected and have an immense reach - go and use it! Talk about what is happening these days, show flag and speak up against racism! 

One easy way to support Blogger für Flüchtlinge is to use your influence and reach and spread the word, talk about the initiative, share the website and make people aware of it and use the hashtag #BloggerFuerFluechtlinge. On the website you find the logo and banners to share and to add them on your own page.

Moreover, you can donate money to support the donation campaign of Blogger für Flüchtlinge. Every tiny amount counts, help to raise money for different projects to help refugees in need (more details on the donation campaign site). It's amazing how much money has come together in only a few days, wow!!

Of course you can also talk to local initiatives and find out who needs support and which goods are needed for donation.

Help to stand up against racism and help to welcome refugees in our country!

Free Download - 'Refugees Welcome' Handlettering

If you want to, you can download the free handlettering print to show flag and show solidarity with the refugees who are more than welcome here!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Liebe Lu,

    danke für das feine Bild und für dein Engagement. Ich habe dich auf meinem Blog gleich verlinkt:

    Danke und alles Liebe

  2. Selbstverständlich bin ich auch dabei. Vielen Dank

  3. Ich bin auch soooo begeistert von der Idee <3 soooooooo toll!!
    Bei mir gabs diese Woche den Beitrag zu #deutschlandisstbunt
    Auch ein tolles Blogeevent.
    Refugees welcome <3
    Lg Nadine

  4. Megaidee, ich bin dabei! Merci, Lu!

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