Thursday, July 30, 2015

DIY: Gift Bag with Animal Printable

Hello my dear readers, happy Thursday evening! It's time for a new DIY and new free printable.
Last year, I made those cute and super simple illustrations and attached them to handmade gift bags which I filled with sweets for my colleagues. I am showing you how you can do it yourself.

What you need:
- (Gift wrapping) paper
- Scissors, masking tape and a stapler
- Pen and paper or a printer
- Sweets / candy

Make your own Gift Bags with the Animal Printable

Of course you need sweets, many sweets - or you fill your bags with any other kind of surprise.
Use a printer to print out my free animal illustrations or use pen and paper to make your own ones.

Download the Animal Illustrations

Download the illustration with cat, robot, racoon, dog, bear and box. Print them out and leave them black and white or color them yourself.
Next, choose different kinds of pretty (gift wrapping) paper and masking tape.
Cut out rectangular pieces of paper in any size you want. The bigger the pieces of paper, the bigger your bags will turn out in the end.
Put the paper onto the table, the right side facing it. Then fold the left and right edge to the middle, make sure the edges overlap a bit and then use tape to attach them to each other. Fold over the bottom part. The wider the fold, the more depth your bag will have.
Take the longer edges of your fold, fold them to the middle and stick them together with tape.
Your bag is ready.
Now take your printable or the illustration you made yourself.
Use scissors to cut them out, fill the bags, close them and punch the illustrations to the bags.
In my case, the illustrations were fitting to my colleagues who got them. One has a dog, one is a fox lover, one loves robots...
Have fun with this DIY and feel free to show me your bags and the usage of the printable on Instagram (find me as @luloveshandmade). :)

Happy day!


  1. So so lovely! I am used to make candy bags for my son's birthday party and this is a great idea for wrapping! Thanks for sharing. Xoxo Giusy

  2. Ja klasse, die sehen sooo witzig aus! Eine Frage so von Blogger zu BLogger: Wie machst du das mit den Downloads? Was für eine Seite ist das? Merci und Gruß aus Freiburg


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