Monday, June 22, 2015

DIY Video: Camera Strap Sewing Tutorial

Hello everyone, have a wonderful day! :) For all of you who are planning some exciting summer holidays or sightseeing trips, I prepared a new video for my DIY category. For this shot, I again teamed up with DaWanda (we already shot the video last year) and we are showing you how to sew a camera strap in just a few easy steps.
The DIY is suited for sewing beginners as well as for advanced sewers and you won't need many supplies.

Watch the full camera strap DIY video yourself:

In the video you can find detailed instructions for how to sew a camera strap yourself.

Have a look at my sketch for some details and to know about how to cut your fabric:

Measurements and supplies for the camera strap:

Here's what you need:
- Cotton fabric
- (Faux) leather
- A cotton strap
- Scissors & pins
- Sewing machine and conventional sewing supplies
- Two metal rings and hooks
Here you can see the faux leather endings in a close-up shot.
Such a pretty strap!
If you like the fabric as much as I do, check our supercraft, it is from one of their DIY kits. :)
Wheeeeow, so easy!
Enjoy using your new camera strap and happy summer (I hope it will be coming soon...)! :)


  1. Hi thanks for post. I keep on meaning make a pretty strap for my camera the one that came with it is very ugly.

  2. Total schicker Kameragurt...
    wenn ich dann mal das Geld für ne Kamera zusammen habe (hoffentlich bald.. mit der miesen Telefonknippse werd ich noch wahnsinnig) näh ich mir auf jeden Fall n anständigne Gurt selbst :)
    Danke fürs Zeigen!

    Viele liebe Grüße



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