Sunday, October 19, 2014

Recipe: Fried Rice Balls (Sweet & Savory)

Hey everyone! Do you remember my tropical food table I made this summer? Here's a new recipe for my food category, not only delicious in summer: make your own fried rice balls, sweet and savory at once, filled with sheep milk cheese and fruits. Mhhhh!

Ingredients for Fried Rice Balls

What you need:
- Basmati rice
- Sheep milk cheese
- Grated cheese (I used edame)
- A mango
- A fresh pineapple
- A lime
- Fresh mint
- Neutral oil

How much you use of each of the ingredients depends on the consistency and the level of sweetness you want to achieve.  

How to Make Fried Rice Balls

First of all, cook the rice. Afterwards, chopp the mango, the pineapple and the sheep milk cheese. Then grate the edame cheese (if you haven't already bought grated cheese) and and put it into a bowl. Add the rice, the fruits and the other cheese. Pour some fresh lime juice over it and add chopped mint leaves. Add some salt and mix everything. Make balls of the same size. If the mixture is too dry to make balls, add more fruits and if the mixture is so liquid, add more rice.
Heat oil (I used sunflower oil) in a pot and put the rice balls inside in order to fry them.
Alternatively, you can also fry them in a pan and move them to the other side as soon as one side has become evently brown. The pan method is a little bit faster, but the balls aren't fried as evenly as in the pot. To save time before my guests arrived, I used pan and pot at the same time.
Yippie, that's it! Best served with a fruity sauce or a fresh salad.

Enjoy and also try out other ingredients, for example tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, sooo good!
Happy day!


  1. Ciao Lu! Ich bin ja eigentlich eher der Fleisch-Esser und die typischen italienischen Arancini, also genau frittierte Reisbällchen oder -bälle, schmecken mir nicht ganz so gut - ABER: die Vorstellung von Reis und Frucht finde ich genial! Ich glaube die muss ich ausprobieren!!!

    Tanti saluti aus bella Italia,

  2. Ahhhhh, ich bin entsetzt-bei mir ist alles nach hinten losgegangen und sowohl in Topf als auch Pfanne auseinander gefallen 😩 die Konsistenz war wohl doch nicht die richtige, muss es denn eher trockner sein???

    1. Liebe Susi, oh nein, wie schade! :(

      Aber wenn alles auseinander gefallen ist, war es vielleicht viel zu trocken? Dann müsste die ganze Masse feuchter und klebriger sein, da hab es bei mir keine Probleme. Im Zweifelsfall kann man auch noch ein Ei mit rein hauen.

      Liebe Grüße und viel Erfolg!


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