Sunday, September 07, 2014

Exploring Berlin with the new acer Liquid Jade Smartphone.

Hello everyone! This past weekend has been super exciting, especially because of Saturday's Berlin exploration tour. Some other bloggers and I have been walking around Berlin all day, testing acer's brandnew Liquid Jade smartphone.
acer invited us to come to their booth at the IFA in Berlin and there we all got our new Liquid Jade smartphones and a briefing for how to use them, including information about the phone's coolest features. Then it was up to us to explore Berlin, visit our favorite places and document everything with the acer phones, uploading photos to Instagram with the hashtag #acerexplorer (make sure to have a look if you want to see all of our photos).
By posting our photos live to Instagram (and Twitter), our followers were able to see our favorite spots and could virtually follow us along our Berlin tour, starting with photos of our feet while getting used to the phone. :)

Exploring Berlin:

Our first stop was the Klunkerkranich, my fave rooftop bar in Berlin.
As you can see in the photo, the phone's camera makes it possible to focus on one point and makes everything around it slightly blurry in order to set a focus (this was not artificially added via Instagram or another app :)).
Perfect for the weather, this first stop was on top of a parking lot with an amazing view all over Berlin. You should definitely go there on a sunny day! :)
Those three lovely ladies were my companions on that day: Anja (aentschie's Blog), Vivi (Piepmatz) and Anna (ann.meer). :*
Do you recognize the warm colors in the photo? This definitely happened due to the camera of the phone and its pre-settings, nicely capturing the late summer atmosphere.
Bitter sweet - Berlin streetart at the Warschauer Brücke.
One of the best spots for a delicious afternoon snack: mini pizza at Schlesisches Tor. Sooo good! And as you can see, the phone pretty well captured the bright colors of the pizza and everything else around us.
Next, we were heading towards Friedrichshain and we frequently stopped to take photos of Berlin and the people.
Do you see the nice evening light in the photos? The acer Liquid Jade has the function to adjust ISO and exposure, so it is even possible to take nice photos against the light without making them too dark.
During the magic hour, we stopped at the RAW area in F-Hain and had a look at all the streetart pieces.
There we met the other bloggers taking part in acer's Berlin exploration tour, Lisa (Lebe Berlin) and Sarah (sanzibell), and again took some photos with the phones.
Vivi (who took the photos) stood quite far away from us and the photo quality is still really good. We only had to get used to how to focus on the subject with the camera to prevent everything outside the focus from getting blurry. :)
Berlin is such a nice and versatile place and I love discovering tiny details everywhere I go. Especially during such a challenge like on Saturday with acer when there's the task to explore and capture Berlin with a smartphone camera while showing the city's atmosphere.
At the end of the day, we all met for dinner a Shiso burger in Berlin-Mitte, sooo delicious! Those burgers have a slight Asian touch and look oh-so-pretty and were nice models for trying out the phone's camera when coming closer to the subject. :) Having dinner together was super nice to end the day in a relaxing way and to talk about the phone and to ask some open questions.

After having been using this new smartphone (which will be coming to stores pretty soon) for one whole day, here's what I think about it:

The acer Liquid Jade Smartphone:

Here are some details and my personal review of the smartphone:

What is great about the acer Liquid Jade:
- The phone is super slim and super light (it weights only 110g)
- It has a 5" display (and I love big displays, because I'm a visual person and love looking at photos)
- The camera has 13 mega pixels (so your photos have a nicely high resolution)
- The phone comes with android as operating system (what I personally like a lot)
- The best point: with a price of 279€, the quality / price ratio is awesome

What could definitely be better is the front camera which only has 2 mega pixels and makes a person's skin look rather unnaturally soft, but if you want a better front camera or even a higher number of pixels for your back camera, you will normally have to invest a lot more money in getting a smartphone meeting up to those criteria. My battery ran low after using the phone for one whole day, but I took many many photos, tested different settings, scrolled through Instagram and upladed lots of new photos.

So all in all, this phone is great for people who want a smartphone which has all necessary features and meets up to current smartphone standards, but which is not as expensive as some of the other popular smartphones.
The acer Liquid Jade has a really great quality / price ratio and even with regard to design (I especially love it in white), the phone meets my expectations and looks really nice.

Hopefully, this review was useful for you, in particular when you are looking for a new smartphone which is a good alternative to all those other super expensive smartphones out there.
Moreover, I hope you had fun following us through Berlin, discovering pretty new spots. :)

Happy start to the week!

P.S.: All photos in this blogpost except of the first one were taken with the acer Liquid Jade smartphone. I wrote this article for a cooperation with acer, but this fact does not influence my review and my personal opinion about the phone. Thanks for understanding! :)


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