Saturday, August 23, 2014

DIY & Free Printable: Notebook and Illustration for School

Hello and happy weekend everyone! In some parts of Germany, many small kids were just having their first day at school this week and this is why I'm sharing this DIY for a school notebook with a free printable with school-themed illustrations to glue onto the notebook.
Maybe some of you even want to make such a notebook for university or their job, just without the school stuff!? :)
Here we go:

Supplies for making a notebook:

You need:
- A normal excercise book in any size you like
- Pretty paper for the cover
- A plier to remove the staples
- Scissor, ruler, glue, pens, masking tape
- Needle and thread or a sewing machine
- A printer for printing out the free printables

How to make your own notebook with a pretty cover:

Leave some millimeters space when cutting out so that everything fits nicely when closing the notebook.
Fold the cover with the book inside, close it and see if everything fits well.
Then open it again, use your needle and thread or your sewing machine and sew all layers onto each other.

School-themed illustration and free printable

As a next step, print out the pree printable. You can either use the colored one or the black and white version for letting your kid color it itself.
For a higher resolution, you can here download the free school illustration printable in black and white.
For a higher resolution, download here the free school illustration printable in color.

Embellish your notebook

As a next step, you can now cut out the illustrations. Leave them like they are or color them (with your kid).
Glue the illustrations onto the notebook.
Then use your masking tape and glue it over the thread.
You're done, yippie!
Have lots of fun with making this pretty notebook, I bet this makes writing down homework or notes a lot happier! :)

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. So pretty, thanks for sharing this idea! x

    Rona from threepinkcats

  2. Such a good idea, thank you! :) xx

  3. Fantastic and really easy idea!! Compliments in general for your blog...great colors - they make happy immediately and great posts!
    Here in Southern Italy the school starts only in September but I think I will start right now to prepare some note books for our little cousins!!

  4. Ich liebe, liebe, liebe die Idee!
    Du bist so eine tolle Inspiration, nicht nur fürs Basteln, sondern auch, damit ich mir mal selber in den Arschtrete tolle Dinge zu tun! :)

  5. Liebe Lu,
    Dein Notizheft sieht so toll aus! :)
    Die Schulsachen auf dem Nummernpapier sehen einfach so süß aus. Hach wie gern hätte ich sowas Schönes zu meinem ersten Schultag bekommen :) Aber Notizhefte kann ich auch jetzt noch gut gebrauchen ich habe sie nämlich schon immer auf verschiedene Weisen verschönert. Danke also für die tolle Idee! Werde ich auf jeden Fall nachmachen. :)
    Liebst, Kate von Liebstes von Herzen.


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