Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Life in Instagram Photos - Spring is Coming

Hello my dear readers, it's time for a review of the past few weeks in Instagram photos. :)
Colors and healthy milkshake.// Happy outfit. // Working on my new blog design. // Fresh smoothie.
Super happy and sunny early spring day in the Mauerpark with Rieke and Jill. :* // Waiting Mogli. // Eeeeks, best surprise mail, a gorgeous pink dachshund planter from Rice DK!!! // Colorful outfits with Flo.
Yummy, Asian coconut soup, I'm addicted! // My beloved geometrical necklace from Koo. // Daily dose of color. // Afternoon date with Sybille & Albertine. :) // Happy dog.
Behind the scenes, taking photos for a blog post. // Daily outfit. // New photos on my origrami fake polaroid wall with my fave Instagram photos. // Happy feet. // Kitchen love. // I started running again.
Working. // My new beloved cup I got from my sweet cousin. :) // Finally warm enough for rides with my restyled bike!! // Dog walk.
Flo made a delicious omelette. // Colors. // Morning run with the dog. // Ice cream season is back again!! :) Date afternoon with my best friend Anja. ;* // Beautiful Potsdam. // Eeeks, ice cream.
Spontaneous girl's trip to the Baltic Sea, the most perfect Sunday ever!! // Black, white and neutrals. // Awesome fries at Witty's in Berlin. // Spring is coming. // Berlin rooftop view from the top floor of the KaDeWe.
Colorful spring outfits and getting flowers for the balcony.
Yaayy, finally some pretty flowers on the balcony. // Mogli 'helping' Flo with repotting plants. :D // Temporarily moving some furniture. // Outfits. // Girl's date with Jenny & Rieke. :* // The most exciting day this year so far, my video shoot with KIKA for a DIY feature (see more from behind the scenes).

Spring is here and it's getting warmer and more colorful outside, I enjoy this a lot! :)
The days are filled with work and great projects and there's always enough time for a long dog walk, good food and a lovely date, life could be worse. :)
What are you doing lately?
Happy day!

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  1. Ahhh, toll! Dein Stil hat sich nochmal so sehr entwickelt und ich liebe einfach nur jedes Outfit von dir, Lu! Die Farbkombis und der schöne geometrische Schmuck und die tollen Silhouetten, superschön. (: Ebenso natürlich wie die ganzen anderen tollen Einblicke in dein Leben.

    Ich drück' dich,


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