Tuesday, March 04, 2014

My Life in Instagram Photos: January & February 2014

Hi friends and happy Tuesday! :) Here's a January & February review in colorful Instagram photos. To be honest, I actually took nearly 300 Instagram photos in those two months, so I had to sort out a lot to limit this blogpost to a few favorites. :) If you want to see all photos, you can follow me on Instagram. :)
Blue and yellow with my beloved hat from my sponsor beaniefabrik. // Kitchen cabinet. // Collection of geometrical necklaces, handmade by me or other indie businesses. // What I wore.
Dutch quarter in Potsdam. // Shoes at home. // Hamdmade crochet headband. // Colorful outfit. // Dogs. // Planning.
Dear Jilli and I at work for DaWanda. // Daily outfit. // Brunch date with lovely girls. // Mogli's punishment for being extra greedy. :D // Brunch at home. // Studying: this was how my desk looked like nearly all January, it was super exhausting! In the end I didn't fail any exam and most of my grades were great, puh! :)
Winter days: super busy January, but colorful outfits and happy dates helped me to make this season filled with studying more bearable. :)
Making DIY videos for DaWanda. // Snowy days. // Making plans for the upcoming year and getting an overview of what's ahead. // Cozy dog. // Colors. // Valentine's Day sweet table.
Colorful kitchen for a girl's coffee date.
My 27th birthday, eeeks! :) Brunch date with Flo, spending the day in Berlin with beautiful weather and then an evening at home with mediterranean dinner with friends. Perfect!
Morning view. // Shrimply Mogli. // Our kitchen sink. // Setting up the table for an after-birthday-dinner with some of my girlfriends. // Daily outfit. // Kitchen table decor.
Colorful bag collection.
Home sweet home: bedroom and workspace. // Spontaneous burger date with Flo. // Wearing my handmade geometrical DIY necklace. // On my desk.

Now it's semester holidays and besides working at DaWanda, I now have more time for my blog and my projects again. :)
What are you currently busy with?
Happy evening!


  1. Very colorful life! :)


  2. Hallo Lu,
    deine Fotos sind immer so schön bunt und du bist so fröhlich und voller Energie!
    Ich liebe deine Posts und Bilder mir anzuschauen.
    Deine Wohnung ist ein Traum und dein Hund total süß.
    Liebe Grüße Malwina

  3. Colorful bags!!
    very nice post!

  4. Das viele Weiß mit den einzelnen Farbakzenten finde ich super schön!! Sieht total fröhlich und gemütlich aus :-))) Echt süßen Hund hast Du und tolle Bilder!!!
    Liebe Grüße


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