Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: inkify - Instagram Photo Printing Sevice

Hey everyone! You know I love Instagram, right? :) Over the past few months, I had the chance to try out a few Instgram printing services for writing review blog posts and I was super excited when I got contacted by inkify and asked if I wanted to review their products. Of course I wanted! :)
inkify does not only turn your virtual Instagram photos into real prints, they also have a wide range of products: polaroid style mini prints, square prints, poster prints, a mini photo book, framed prints, fridge magnets, greeting cards, acrylic prisms, canvas prints, T-shirts and photo prints for hanging them up on a wall.
When choosing the products I wanted to review, I decided on the greeting cards, the mini photo book and a photo print with four single photos. Since I already do own many normal single prints of my Instagram photos, this seemed to be a good choice. :)

My greeting cards from inkify

First of all, here are my greeting cards. I ordered a set of ten greeting cards (sold for 11,99GBP, makes about 14,35€) which come with matching white envelopes.
The cards are blank on the inside, have a small logo on the back and have your pretty Instagram photo on the front.
The quality of the cards is really good, better than I had expected: they are printed on thick paperboard, the card itself is really big and the colors are bright and clear.
For my greeting cards, I have chosen the ranunculus flower photo, because then I can perfectly use the cards for birthday wishes or just to make someone happy with colorful surprise mail.
The greeting cards are perfect and I'm super in love with them! Makes a great gift or would also be perfect to order for party invites.

My mini photo book from inkify

Next, I ordered a mini photo book. Since I have tons of cute photos of Mogli, I thought it would be a great idea to make a mini photo book to document his adventures and lazy everyday life. :) The book can include up to 250 images, I chose a book with 50 photos (makes 12,99GBP which are about 15,54€).
The photo book comes with a spiral binding, photos are printed each on the front and back side of a piece of thick cardboard and the quality of the book itself and of the colors and print of the photos are really convincing. I love this new tiny photo book which is a cute memory keeper and will surely often entertain our guests when they look at little Mogli's adventures. :)
This book is awesome! I think it would also be a good idea to make such a book with photos of a journey, to give it away as a birthday present, to make a book with photos of a party or family event or to order it as a surprise for your loved one for your anniversary.

My inkify photo print

Apart from the greeting cards and the mini photo book, I also ordered a photo print with four of my fave photos with happy moments with my best friend Anja from last year. :) You can choose between different sizes and numbers of images to be included in the print, I chose four photos and 12x12 inches (costs 17,99GBP, this is about 21,53€).
Again, the quality is really good: the photos are printed on a thick piece of paper and the colors are bright, just as they were on my digital photos. After the print had arrived, I immediately framed it and hung it up. :) Such a nice way to print and display favorite memories and again, this would make a super nice gift for a beloved person. :)

To sum it up for you, inkify has become one of my very favorite Instagram printing services, because they do not only print with a good photo quality and color quality, but also offer a wide range of super cool products on which you can print your photos and this makes them really stand out from other Instagram photo printing services. Moreover, the products arrived really fast, the service is good and it's easy to choose the photos you want to get printed, you simply have to log into your Instagram account (via the phone app or on your computer). Delivery to the UK is for free, international delivery costs 4,95GBP (currently about 5,92€).

So happy printing, everyone! :)

P.S.: As always, although this blogpost is sponsored by inkify and includes advertisement, this does not touch or influence my personal opinion about that brand!


  1. Bellissimo questo post, e proprio una bella idea...il cane poi è stupendo!! Anto

  2. Mein Herz schlägt für Dalmatiner! Besonders für blauäugige ;-) Auch die Blumenkarten sind wunderschön! Das macht richtige Sommerlaune noch ehe der Frühling wirklich begonnen hat.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Totally insane!!! Your precision is amazing and your designs are clean.

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