Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A Story about Summer and Winter // My New Tefal Freemove 9920 Hot Iron

Hello everyone! Wow, I'm super excited about sharing this post with you! ;) I recently (like some other great bloggers) got contacted by Tefal for a fun blogger campaign: they wanted to promote their new cordless hot iron and we bloggers were asked to present it in a creative way. Each of us can then keep the hot iron and has the chance to win a travel voucher. :) Because I like challenges and because the hot iron really cought my interest, I agreed and thought about a funny and creative way to show you this hot iron without making it boring for you. :)
When my new Tefal Freemove 9920 arrived, it was lovingly packed, pretty details were added to the box and the task was nicely written. Moreover, communication in advance was really personal and one could see that they put a lot of effort in preparing this blogger campaign, I liked this a lot.
So when I opened the huge box, it was filled with sparkling confetti, my new hot iron and my task: creatively showing the advantage of a cordless hot iron, embellishing a tote bag and ironing my favorite summer dress (because one can win a travel voucher). So as you can guess, the main challange was thinking about how to creatively present the hot iron's most important feature, namely that it's cordless and thus allows lots of freedom of movement.
After reading through the user manual and material, I first had to become familiar with the hot iron's functions and I took some time to try it out.
Well, I normally don't like to iron clothes (I only do this with some dresses) and rather use my hot iron for sewing projects, but I must say that this thing is really awesome! :D Its handle is super ergonomic, its usage is uncomplicated and the steam function is awesome for treating crumpled clothes.

After I got used to ironing with my new toy, my best friend Anja came over (thank you sooo much! :-* ) to take photos of me for the upcoming picture story: After having been asked about participating in this blogger campaign, I did some brainstorming and thought about how to show you the advantages of this hot iron and here's what I came up with, a short story in photos:
It was on a blistering cold day in winter when Lu was at home, thinking about summer and being as sad as one can be about the grey days and the cold outside .
Suddenly, an idea came to her mind and brightened up her day: what about a spontaneous holiday trip to a place where there are palm trees, where there it's warm and where she could wear all her favorite summer dresses!? She took seat at her desk and immediately booked a last minute flight to a place where she had always wanted to go, a place where she could walk with bare feet all day and forget about the freezing cold at home.
She happily jumped through her room, opened her wardrobe and started picking out her favorite summer clothes, being full of excitement about her upcoming trip.
Of course she wanted to take her favorite summer dress with her, but it was awefully crumpled.
Too good that Lu had recently got a brand new cordless hot iron that she could now use for fastly ironing all of her clothes. She was in a hurry, because she had to catch her flight in only a few hours.
Her flamingo dress was so awefully crumpled that only her hot iron's steam funktion could help her to make her dress look pretty again.
Without having a cord, ironing was so much easier and less stressful and allowed her being more flexible and to move around. Because Lu was in a hurry, - she very soon wanted to catch her flight to a place where there it's warm and sunny -  it helped her a lot not to fall over her hot iron's cord like she normally does.
Tadaaaaa, prettily ironed flamingo summer dress, ready to be packed and taken with her.
Well, wait, there was something missing! Lu was confused, because she didn't totally get into the mood for travelling.
< Ahhhh, she knew what the problem was!
For getting into the mood for summer holidays, one needs to dress like it's summer, so Lu took out another bright summer dress.
Too good that she had already ironed this dress a few days before, this allowed her to save time to keep on preparing everything for her spontaneous trip.
Yayyyy, so much better! Swapping a reindeer sweater for a yellow short dress made her feel like summer and helped her getting into the mood for travelling
But there was still something missing: when going on holiday, Lu wanted to take an individual accessory with her. She again took her hot iron and ironed a canvas tote bag in order to embellish it a bit so that she would have a pretty companion.
There's no summer holiday without ice cream, so Lu took this cute image to make her bag look prettier.
Wait, not to forget her kitty! She decided to use a textile marker to make her canvas bag look even cuter so that she would have something to remind her of home while travelling the world (and not to get homesick :)).
Finishing her bag and then soon ready to go!
Wait, was that Lu's tummy which made this rumbling sound? It was! She hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, but she would soon have to catch the flight. She had been thinking about making some cupcakes all day, but...
... oh no, there was still a huge amout of crumpled clothes waiting to be ironed and to be worn at a sunny place. But Lu was so incredibly hungry and craving some cupcakes, so ...
... thanks to her cordless hot iron, she was able to do both things at once, yay! Multitasking at its finest and Lu was nearly ready to call a taxi and escape the cold winter weather, ready to fly to a warmer place. While she was preparing the dough for her cupcakes and simultaneously ironing her summer clothes, she already dreamt of white beaches, turquoise water and an endless blue sky.

Dear readers, I hope you had fun reading my colorful short story, I now definitely would really love to go on holiday and sit in the sun! :)

Thank you, Tefal, for making this possible and for sending me this cordless hot iron (all information about the Tefal Freemove can be found here), it makes ironing all my dresses and fabric for my sewing projects way more comfortable and I really had lots of fun working on this challenge. :)

P.S.: As always, please note that although the hot iron displayed in this blogpost has been sponsored, this does not affect my personal opinion and I only do write prositively about items and I really like and recommend.


  1. Das ist ja wohl die entzückentste Produktvorführung, von ganz überhaupt!
    Und ich werde gleich ans Christkind schreiben, denn mein altes Bügeleisen röchelt schon ganz erbärmlich... ; )
    Liebe Grüße und eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit

  2. So süß!
    Ich bin hingerissen von dir!

    Viele liebe Grüße
    Frl. Päng
    Bunte Knete

  3. HAHA! Großartig ;) Wie bügeln doch sooooo spannend sein kann ;)


  4. Hervorragend! :D Aber als es dann um Hunger ging, dachte ich kurz du machst dir darauf ein Spiegelei.. ;) :D

  5. Was Julimond sagt! Ich finde die ganze Bügeleisen-Reihe eher "geht so", aber was Du daraus gemacht hast, ist DER HAMMER! Wenn Du nicht gewinnst, steige ich denen, die das verbockt haben, mal ordentlich aufs Dach <3

  6. Du bist soooooooooooooooooooooooo süß :-)

  7. Ach Lu, wie süß du das umgesetzt hast - so toll! :)

  8. Aber echt mal...total cool gemacht, dein Post! <3

  9. Hallo Lu,

    da habt ihr ja ein eher "graues" Thema super bunt aufgepeppt. Sehr, sehr schön!


  10. Hallo, I loved your shor story, really funny and well thought! I found you on Instagram by chance and now I've linked you to my blog and want to follow you, since your brightful and coloured world is such a nice fresh air for me! Love your style.

  11. Herrlich, einfach herrlich, Lu! Ich musste mich wegschmeißen vor Lachen, als du anfingst, nebenbei den Cupcaketeig zu rühren. :D Du bist super!

    Alles Liebe,


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