Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Crafty Christmas Party.

Hello my dear readers! After I had been hosting a Crafty Christmas party last year, I again threw one this year, it took place last weekend. It took me several weeks to plan and prepare everything, but it was SO worth the effort! :)
Before each party like this, I'm always super excited and am not able to relax until everything is as I want it to be, I always enjoy this busy and happy time of planning and making my ideas come true!
First of all, I had to rearrange the furniture in my room so that all crafty people would fit in here.
Apart from working on a table setting and from thinking about which materials to use, I prepared some super easy decor DIY projects.
When the guets came, our home was filled with great people! :)
To make it extra delicious, I prepared a sweet table (blogpost coming soon) and asked all the guests to bring something for the savory food table. Thus, we had plenty of delicious food!
We all chatted all afternoon and evening, ate way too much party salad and sweets and worked on easy peasy DIY projects for holiday decor. :)
Thanks to edding who sent a sponsoring package, we had plenty of colorful permantent markers for our projects which were super useful for colorful handlettering or drawings. edding also sent me permanent spray for the goodie bags, but there will be an extra blogpost about this. :)
Do you already know the super pretty yarn of Garn & mehr? I have been using it for a while and also got a great sponsoring package for my party. We received many rolls of yarn for our tables and also for the goodie bags (blogpost coming soon). This yarn is great for wrapping presents and for all kinds of decor and home projects! :)
Most of the things we have been working on were made of paper: diamonds, origami shapes, Christmas tree ornaments or gift tags.
Although the guys have been chatting most of the time instead of crafting with us girls, some of them even finished a tiny project in between. :)
Inspired by the awesome mistletoe-bunting I pinned to Pinterest, I made my own one and used it as photo background.
Because I love surprise presents and because I even like giving away presents as much as I like receiving them, I teamed up with my great sponsors in order to make goody bags for my guests. Can't wait to show you their full content in an upcoming blogpost! :)
As you can see in the photos, this was a super happy afternoon and evening and totally worth the effort! Too bad that time always flies away so fast! It always takes me several weeks of preparation and then it's only a few hours to enjoy the party and my guests.
I love spending time with other crafty people and I loooove hosting parties and to make up a concept for them. :)
Thanks to my lovely guests for making this day extra special! :*
Have you ever threwn a craft party? :)

Happy day!

P.S.: If you want to see more photos, look for the hashtag #luscraftychristmas on Instagram. :)


  1. Eine Craft-Party habe ich noch nie geschmissen, aber ich würde gerne mal an einer teilnehmen. Die sehen bei dir auf den Fotos immer nach suuuper Spaß aus :D

  2. das sieht nach soooo viel Spaß aus! So tolle und heimelige Bilder. Hach...
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Sieht nach viel SPASS aus- toll!

  4. Oh das sieht ja nach sehr viel Spaß aus.
    Würde gerne auch mal eine machen, habe mich aber bis her nicht getraut.
    Liebe Grüße Malwina

  5. voll schöne Idee für die Vorweihnachtszeit! liebe grüße, Laura

  6. Das sieht soooo toll aus! Mensch, da wäre ich auch gern eingeladen gewesen!!

  7. oh mann, na da hab ich ja was verpasst ;) ich wusste es ja schon vorher, aber jetzt noch die photos ;)

  8. das eine mädl in dem roten pulli hat eine taize-kreuz-kette!!! :-) yeah!

  9. Du hast immer so tolle Ideen, Lu, die Party sieht wirklich nach einem wunderbaren Nachmittag aus:)

  10. Das sieht nach einer wirklich tollen Party mit gaaanz viel Spaß und tollen Ergebnissen aus!!!

    Nur der Dalmatiner wirkt etwas ermattet ... oder ist das gar kein Dalmatiner, sondern ein mit schwarzem edding gecrafteter weißer Hund? ;o)

    1. Liebe Grüße

      ... hatte ich vergessen ... :O


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