Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Life in Instagram Photos - Happy Fall Days.

Hello everyone! The past weeks have been passing incredibly fast. I wrote my last 'My life in Instagram photos' post at the end of summer and now it's nearly winter, Christmas coming soon, wow! Here you can see what I've been doing recently and take part in my colorful everyday life! ;)
Beautiful kitchen cabinet. // Pretty fall leaf. // A precious gift, a handmade mini origami parrot by navucko. :* // Rainy day outfit.
Fall walk. // Coloful closet. // Crocheting on the train. // Kitchen decor. // Fall outfit with moccassins. // Primary colors.
Cozy fall outfit for picking mushrooms. Love my new thrifted poncho. // On my wall. // Happy kitchen and fridge. // Pretty fall table decor.
Thrifting day with my friends Sibylle of funkytime and Albertine of nahili. :) // At home for filming an Advent calendar DIY video with DaWanda. // Happy feet. // Fall outfit for a fun afternoon with Sibylle and Albertine. :)
Above my desk with my cat postcard, my fox postcard and PhotoLove prints of my Instagram photos.
Yayyy, new spray paint from edding. // Cozy outfit. // Freshly restyled bike, yayy! // New colors for my candle holders and coat holder.
Thrifternoon with Sibylle and Albertine, looking classy wearing vintage (bridal) dresses. :) ;* // Daily outfit. // Preparing my weekly DIY workshop at DaWanda.
Blue, black and white. // Beautiful blue fall sky. // Happy feet. // Hello Berlin. // Still harvesting some tomatoes. // Yayyyyy, happy Mogli! ;)
My desk.
Weekend walk with my two loved ones. ;* // Delicious brunch and a greedy dalmatian. // Rubber boot weather. // Colorful dinner.
In my workspace area, my favorite place.
Colors on the market in Berlin. // Date with Sibylle and Albertine. :) // Perfect Sunday: long forest walk and then brunch in bed while watching Game of Thrones, awww! :) // On the campus. // Paper collection at home. // Eeeeks, a chimney sweeper on the rooftop opposite the DaWanda office. Lucky day!
Colors. // Train ride in Berlin. // Lovely afternoon date with waffles at Albertine's home. I love girl's dates! :)
Perfect weekend at the Blogst conference for DaWanda, taking care of the photobooth and mini DIY area and meeting blogger friends (again). // Lovely view over Essen from my hotel room.
Home sweet home, there's no better place. :)

Make your life happy and colorful!
Lu :*


  1. Ich mag diese Posts von dir, die sind immer so schön bunt! :) Und bei dir sieht's immer so hell aus, habt ihr eigentlich immer Sonne oder wie :D

    liebe Grüße,

  2. Love all the decoration on your walls!

  3. Love love love this colourful and cheerful post!! Your dalmatian is absolutely gorgeous!! And I love that create bunting hanging off the back of your chair.

  4. Oh dear! What a great post again! O love your colorful life and I realized, we saw us quite some time over the last weeks. ;) Can´t wait for next week!


  5. Na toll, jetzt sitz ich hier um Mitternacht und habe einen unstillbaren Appetit auf Waffeln mit Kirschen.
    Was nun? :D

  6. I love all of your photos! You have a really unique style! You are so colorful inside and out. :-)

  7. Dein Schreibtisch ist so wunderschön! Ich staune echt, wie schön, du dir deine Arbeitsfläche einrichtest!

    Liebe Grüsse, Anna

  8. Very informative blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep to catch a bass


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