Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Favorite Shops: Lu Loves Texstile

Hello my dear readers! Today I want to present you another shop which I really like, it's part of the series with all my favorite shopping places.
Although Texstile has already been featured in my detailed Potsdam Guide I published a few weeks ago, it deserves a blog post on its own, because to me it's important to support this business and the people behind it, I'm gonna tell you why:
Those of you who have already been reading my blog for quite a while, might remember that I have been working in a pretty fabric store in Potsdam for 1 1/2 years. It was about one year ago that I quit my job there to start my social media internship for DaWanda, but I left with a heavy heart, leaving a super pretty working environment and the very best, absolutely kind, attentive and sympathetic colleagues behind me! About four months after I had left, the owner closed the fabric store where I had been working, but the good thing about this was that my former colleague Antje - who is a textile designer and had already been running her own store and a textile workshop in the past - then started working on opening her very own fabric store and Texstile was born. Now Potsdam has a super pretty new fabric store with everything one desires and she even employs my other former colleague, yay!!
So Potsdam finally has an extremely pretty new place for shopping fabric, sewing supplies and for visiting sewing classes for beginners and advanced, hooorrayyy!
Antje, the owner and founder of Texstile, offers a wide range of colorful ribbons, zippers and all kinds of fabrics for sewing clothes or for decorative purposes.
The fabric store is located in a historical building directly in Potsdam's city center and filled with all kinds of colorful and pretty things that one could need for a sewing project.
I'm really really happy for Antje that she could fulfill her dream of running an own fabric store and sewing school (and she's so talented, she has already been giving sewing classes for some years) and that she and my other former colleague are now working together. :)

So if you are in Potsdam and are into sewing, you should definitely go there, you'll find all kinds of pretty supplies and textiles and shopping there is the perfect way to support a new business that is totally worth it and which is run with lots of love and passion!



  1. Looks more delicious than a sweetie shop! :-)

  2. Super - ich wusste gar nicht, dass es in Potsdam einen neuen Stoffshop gibt :) Muss mich gleich mal über die Adresse schlau machen - und demnächst mal dort vorbeischauen :o) Liebe Grüße, Katharina

    1. Super, das freut mich! :) Liebe Grüße!

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