Sunday, November 03, 2013

Favorite Shops: Lu Loves Colors.

Hello, hello and happy Sunday! ;) Here's a new article for my regular feature in which I present my favorite shops or favorite restaurants and cafés. Today it's all about Colors, my very favorite place to shop vintage and normal second hand clothes.
Colors is in Berlin-Kreuzberg and you find it in the huge loft of an old industrial building. The place is really huge, filled with tons of second hand clothes, many of them vintage. My very favorite section is the 'fashion by weight' section where I have already found some of my most precious vintage summer dresses for about 5€.
When you go there, you're gonna need plenty of time and patience, because their range of clothes is super huge and it takes some time to see if there's anything of the things you are looking for.
There aren't only clothes, but also many shoes, boots, bags, purses & scarves.
"Colors" is the perfect name for this place, because everything is super colorful and you usually don't know where to look first and which clothes to try on first, so overwhelming. But if you're in the mood for spending some time on finding a precious treasure, this will be the perfect place for your next day in Berlin! :)
Here you can find Colors:
Bergmannstraße 102
10961 Berlin / Kreuzberg
Call: 030 / 694 33 48
Click to visit their website

Happy shopping! Lu


  1. Ach das sieht ja klasse aus!! Leider zu weit weg. Finde es klasse, das man dort auch nach "Gewicht" der Fundstücke zahlen kann. Wenn ich mal in Berlin bin…. ;) Danke für den Tipp. :)
    xo Julia

  2. That place looks amazing!! Love the fashion by weight and happy hour concepts ;-)

  3. wie toll! warum war ich da noch nie??? ich muss mal wieder nach berlin! :)

  4. I just love good and cheap second hand stores..they are kind of hard to find in Germany though. Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes!

  5. Den Laden kannte ich bisher gar nicht. Da muss ich mal hin.

    Gruß aus Babelsberg nach Potsdam ;-)


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