Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Favorite Restaurants and Cafes: Lu Loves Belmundo

Hello everyone! Here's a new blogpost as addition to my Potsdam guide blog feature and as a new episode of my series of favorite restaurants and cafés.
Belmundo is one of my favorite places in Potsdam for having a delicious snack and for enjoying the nice atmosphere. It's not only a restaurant and café, but also a place for shopping: they sell handmade items by local creatives and they support local art.
Apart from some sweet treats, Belmundo offers two main kinds of food: Portuguese croissants (sweet and savory) and Kumpir. The latter is my favorite: potatoes baked with cheese and then filled in all kinds of different variations, for example in Greek style with olives, feta, onions, and so on, or in Indian style with curry sauce. Mhhh, each time it's hard to decide which one to take!
Moreover, I do not only count this place to my favorites because of the good food, but also because of the super pretty interior. You might probably know that I'm a sucker for pretty vintage furniture and Belmundo is full with this. The beautiful counter, the tables, chairs, old cabinets; all these things make me happy when eating there.
Mhhhh, the croissants, heavenly!
When it's not too cold, you can also sit outside in front of the pretty old building.
So this is a place I can totally recommend when visiting Potsdam and writing this blog post made my mouth water, can't wait to go there again pretty soon! :)

Happy day!

Here's how you can find Belmundo:
Jägerstraße 40
14467 Potsdam
Call: 0331 / 23 18 48 22
Click to visit their website


  1. da möchte ich aber auch bald mal hin, ist das schön!!

  2. This looks incredibly cute and beautiful! :)

  3. ohhh gerade deinen Blog durch Zufall gefunden! Super klasse Ideen, toller Blog!!


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