Tuesday, November 05, 2013

DIY: Kids Memory on Cardboard Coasters

Hello, hello, here's a DIY for a present for little kids. :) You won't need many supplies and this easy DIY memory game is a great gift for your own kids or for those of your friends and it has a super personal touch.
You need:
Black pens / felt tips
Plain white cardboard coasters
Colorful pens
First of all, make a few sketches: collect ideas for items you want to draw on your coasters and try out your pens to figure out which works best on your cardboard surface and which has the best tip.
Then draw lots of cute symbols, items and motifs of kid's everyday life, use imagery which are interesting for their basic language aquisition so that this memory game can also serve as educational game. After having chosen many cute symbols, draw each one twice and then color all of them.
That's it, so easy! Keep the symbols and motifs rather simple so that it's easy for small children to recognize what's on their memory game. :)
After having finished all of your game cards, you could also sew a simple gift bag (gift bag sewing DIY here) to store the card in there.
My memory was part of the birthday present set for our friend's cute son who has just turned one. :)
Happy crafting and drawing!


  1. Eine ganz tolle Idee und das Spiel sieht suuuper süß aus :)
    Da freut sich der Kleine bestimmt!

  2. Ach Lu, das ist ja mal wieder eine sooo süße Idee! Wunderbar umgesetzt. Da freut sich jeder kleine und große Zwerg von Herzen :)

    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt von mir und habe einen tollen Dienstag!

  3. Yet another super idea! :-)

  4. Ach nein, wie süß - eine wirklich tolle Idee, liebe Lu! (: Schade, dass ich keine Freunde mit Kindern habe - aber irgendwann vielleicht eigene Kinder, mit denen ich dann basteln kann. (;

    Alles Liebe,

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