Thursday, October 03, 2013

What I Love.

Who do you love?
My boyfriend Flo. We have been together for nearly eight years now. :) :* Do you love a special animal?
Mogli!:* He is six and a half years old and we got him when he was a baby of eight weeks, the cutest little thing on earth! When he looks as stupid as on this photo, he always makes me laugh. :D Is there a place that you love?
My sewing corner is my happy place! Here I work on new items form my shop, make sketches or prepare new DIY projects for my blog. There’s no other place where I can better set free my creativity. Is there something old that you love?
Oh yes, my 50s vintage kitchen cabinet which I found online and restored and painted myself. Is there something new that you love?
I love this handmade camera pillow I once made. Maybe there will soon be more of these in my shop. Which food do you love?
Mhhh, I love homemade food, for example like this delicious dessert. Which flowers do you love?
My latest obsession are handmade paper flowers like those on the photo, but I also love fresh and colorful cloves, tulips and ranunculus. What secret pleasures do you love?
I love dressing up and wearing costumes (but to be honest, not only secretly) like this handmade wonder woman costume three years ago. :)

Happy day! Lu


  1. Ein wirklich toller Post; ich glaube, so etwas mache ich auch mal! :)
    Besonders toll finde ich das letzte Foto! :D

    Liebe Grüße,
    Katharina :)

  2. Den Beitrag hab ich schon bei Stephie gelesen , aber gerne zur Übung noch auf englisch :)
    Dein Küchenkastl find ich unglaublich schön .
    Liebe Grüße Ursula

  3. Oh, was für eine schöne Zusammenstellung, toll! ♥


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