Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Instagram Photos as Magnets by Picpack

Hello, dear readers! I have recently been super excited when I received an e-mail by Picpack, a relatively young company who turns instagram photos into beautiful magnets. Picpack asked if I was interested in reviewing their products on my blog in exchange for magnets of my favorite Instagram photos - of course I wanted and I didn't regret it! :)
The Picpack magnets are delivered as one big sheet where you can then easily take them out. I got two sheets at once, each pack including twelve photos which cost 18€, worldwide shipping included.
Luckily, I have many magnetic surfaces at home and thus, my pretty turquoise bucket which holds paper rolls was a perfect place to decorate it with magnets of summer flowers.
The colors are super bright and in reality, the quality of the photos is even better than can be seen here on my photos! :)
My sewing table's trash bin is another great spot for placing magnetic photos so that they can be seen during work and make me happy. :)
Because the photos are all so pretty, I found it super hard to decide where to place them, so I tried out several different places in our home. For me, our fridge is the best place and there we can see the loveliest memories each time we grab a snack. :)
All in all, I was super satisfied with the nice service, the quality of the magnets and the photos itself.
Moreover, delivery was incredibly fast!! I ordered my magnets late at night and got them less than 48 hours later.
So if you are such an Instagram addict like I am and if you have lots of pretty photos on your phone, this might be a great gift idea for Christmas, you could give your friends magnets with photos of your favorite memories you share with each other. :)
Happy day!
P.S.: Although these products have been sponsored, of course my personal opinion in this blog post is neither touched, nor influenced by this and I only review products that I personally like!


  1. Ach, wie schön diese Magnete sind! Da bin ich richtig traurig, dass wir keinen magnetischen Kühlschrank haben...:(

  2. Sehr coole Idee! Leider hab ich auch nicht so viele magnetische Oberflächen, dass sich das rentieren würde. Aber bei dir passen sie super rein :)

  3. Super Idee ! :) und deine Aufnahmen sind soo fröhlich frisch !

  4. Ich schließe mich meinen Vorrednerinnen an - das ist wirklich eine großartige Idee und sicherlich toll auch als Geschenk! Ich probiere es direkt aus :) Danke für die Inspiration!

  5. das lustige ist, ich weiß ganz genau, dass du auf dem Kühlschrank umdekoriert hast :D
    weil ich so oft bei euch biiin <3

  6. Hey Lu,
    jetzt hast du mich sogar so sehr inspiriert, dass ich einen eigenen Beitrag zum tehma: Fotomagnete geschrieben habe! Danke <3


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