Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Favorite Restaurants and Cafes: Lu Loves Fräulein Burger

Hello everyone! I read about it in Couch magazine, I heard colleagues talking about it, I heard friends talking about it - and then I defintely HAD TO go there!
Since my first visit this past summer (and since when those photos have been waiting on my laptop), Fräulein Burger has become my very very favorite place for eating good burgers and that for two reasons: their burgers are awesome and I absolutely adore the look and overall concept of this restaurant!
When you go there, you'll be overwhelmed of eye candy: Fräulein Burger is lovingly decorated in 60s retro charme, everything is bright, red and white and even the people in the kitchen (into which you can look while you are waiting and eating) and behind the counter wear 60s inspired accessories matching the restaurants interior (oh, how much I love such details). 
Not only the restaurant itself is pretty, but also their corporate design including leaflets, menu and burger atwork on the wall. Everything fits so well together, looks super appealing and makes just happy. I'm a total sucker for great concepts like this!
They have a variety of tasty burgers, but you can even put together your own favorite one. You can choose between normal meat buns, vegetarian burgers or even a vegan version. What is more, their homemade fries and vegetable sticks are sooo delicious!
This is one of the meat burgers which Flo has tried, mmmhh!
If you go there, their homemade sauces are a must and they even make ketchup and mayo themselves.
My favorite is the vegetarian burger with salad and goat cheese, oh my god, so incredibly delicious!
And not to forget that all their ingredients are organic and mostly regional, this makes it even better.

While writing this blog post, looking at those photos made my mouth water and I feel the urgent desire to go there again very soon. :)

In case you're gonna go there, you will enjoy the best (veggie) burger you're ever gonna eat! :)
Happy day!

Here's how you can find Fräulein Burger:
Fräulein Burger
Koppenplatz 1
10115 Berlin
Call: 030 / 46720908
E-mail: mail@fraeuleinburger.de
Click to visit their website


  1. Das sieht ja wirklich lecker aus! Ich glaube da schau ich bei meinem nächsten Berlin Besuch mal vorbei.

  2. Hmmmm. Das sieht so fein aus!! & liebevoll angerichtet. Leider komm ich so selten nach Berlin :(

  3. Wow, das muss ich mir unbedingt merken, wenn ich nochmal in der Nähe bin!!

  4. Well I have to say I am super in love with the decor.

  5. Wow, da gefällts mir :) Voll mein Ding:) Werd ich besuchen wenn ich mal wieder in Berlin bin!
    Liebe Grüße,

  6. kommt sofort auf die liste für den nächsten trip nach berlin! :)

  7. Das sieht nach einem super sympathischen Laden und seeehr leckeren Burgern aus! Sollte ich mir merken und wenn ich mal wieder in Berlin bin ausprobieren :)

  8. Oooooh wie hübsch - in Berlin gibt es echt immer was neues entdecken! (: Das Interieur ist wirklich zauberhaft und die Burger sehen köstlich aus. Danke für den Tipp, Lu! Kommt auf meine Liste, wenn ich wieder mal in Berlin bin. (:


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