Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY: Fall Paper Decor for Table and Wall

Hello! :) Today I've got a pretty fall decor project for you. We recently spent our Sunday afternoon with mushroom picking with friends and afterwards invited them over for a homemade fall dinner in our kitchen. For this dinner, I prettily decorated the table and the kitchen wall with paper leaves and here's the easy tutorial - or rather inspiration project - for you.
You need:
- Branches and rosehips
- Papier napkins and matching wool
- Scissors, pens, a puncher and white cardboard
- Optional: my pattern for the leaves which you can download here
Take your pen and either use my pattern or your own creativity to freely draw leaves onto white cardboard.
Cut out the cardboard leaves.
Take the puncher to make holes into the leaves.
Turn them around and also draw the leaves onto the other side of each piece of cardboard.
Then take your wool or cord and pull it through the holes. 
Now you need the paper napkins and the rosehips to finish the decorative elements for your guest's plates.
Take the rosehips and use the wool to attach it to the cardboard leaves. You can then put them onto the napkins and use them to decorate all the plates. I used napkins matching my turquoise table and decided to add red to this color concept.
The leaves with the wool hangers can be used to decorate the branches which are put into a vase on the table.
Sooo pretty!
Those colors are so pretty and made it possible to combine one of my fave colors (turquoise) with this light red as a fall color in order to make a pretty fall decor for our dinner.
You can then make some more of those leaves and simply pull a long cord through it. Although mine has a rather different style, this bunting is inspired by my best friend Anja's fall bunting. So if you rather prefer colorful leaves, you can print out her pretty printable. :)
My leaf bunting is black and white and perfectly matches the red apple bunting which I sewed two years ago when we moved in here.
This was such a lovely Sunday with friends and as you know, I love every nice opportunity to work on a little decor concept.
Happy crafting!


  1. Lu, du hast es einfach drauf! :D Es sieht einfach (mal wieder) toll aus.

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Sieht fabelhaft aus! Ich würd mich zu gerne dazu setzen!

    Frl. Päng

  3. Deine Bilder sind wie immer voller Leichtigkeit ! Hach , ich würde wohl auch gerne an deinem Tisch sitzen ! :)
    Liebe Grüße Ursula

  4. Die Farbkombi gefällt mir. Türkis passt leider so null bei mir rein. Aber bei dir finde ich es GROßARTIG :)!

  5. Sieht super aus, leider kann ich überhaupt nicht zeichnen...

  6. Hi, it's the first time I see your blog, congratulation. You're very joyful with your look! The ideas for your dinner is very original and so cute, I'm loving it!
    wow, I'm happy to be here and I'll come back!

  7. Türkis-rot,.... da gerade ich ins Schwärmen! Toll! Ich mag auch Deine Stühle sehr :-)))
    Mara Zeitspieler


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