Friday, October 18, 2013

A Happy Day in Fall

Dear readers, this is a blog post in which I will simply let the photos speak. :) All photos have been taken about two weeks ago on a lovely fall day on which I spent time with Mogli in the forest to enjoy the beautiful weather and later went on a date with my best friend Anja. :-*
This day was pure happiness! :) What are your favorite things about fall? Mine are days like this, forest walks, colorful leaves, drinking chai latte and (my latest obesssion) collection mushrooms. :)


  1. Beautiful pics and beautiful dog, i love dalmatians :) They really inspired me for a forest walk as well, but no time so far...about the fall i love drinking ginger tea, wearing beanies and cosy cardigans, candles, pumpkins,...,...

  2. ach so die schönen fotos! und der kleine waldweg, wo mogli steht. wundervoll! sieht aus wie im märchen : D

  3. Was für ein toller Post - die Fotos sind einfach alle wunderschön und fangen diese tolle Zeit so gut ein! <3 Am liebsten mag ich es, durch raschelndes Laub zu gehen und momentan mit Maik auf unserer senfgelben Schwalbe durch bunter werdende Wälder und an abgemähten Feldern vorbeizubrausen. (:

    Alles Liebe,


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