Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Different Handmade Necklaces - DIY: Fabric Bow Necklace

Hello my dear readers! Do you remember my last blog posts featuring the craft supplies of my cooperation partner idee. Creativmarkt? I posted a tutorial for how to make a geometrical wooden ornament necklace, an easy wire statement necklace, a project for how to make a toy animal necklace and another DIY for making a faux leather bunting necklace. This time, I'm going to show you how to make a pretty fabric bow necklace, also using craft supplies I have chosen and idee. Creativmarkt sponsored for this cooperation. Have fun making your own version of this necklace!
Here's what you need (most items available at idee.):
- Fabric & thick interfacing
- A necklace clasp, jewellery glue, tiny jewellery rings and a (cotton) string or cord for the necklace
- A jewellery plier
- A sewing machine and sewing supplies
First of all, cut your fabric into three pieces: front of the bow, back of the bow and the stripe for the middle. Moreover, cut out one piece of interfacing of the same size as your bow pieces which will then give your bow some more volume.
Put both fabric pieces for the bow onto each other, right sides facing. Put the interfacing on top. Then top stitch the three layers onto each other, leaving a small seam allowance on each edge and leave a small opening on one of the longer sides through which you can turn the piece of fabric inside out. Moreover, cut off the four tips of your piece, but don't touch the seam. Then turn the piece of fabric inside out and close the opening with a blind stitch.
Next, take the long stripe, fold it like seen on the photo above and top stitch both edges. Then fold your other piece of fabric to a bow.
Use a thin thread to fix the bow and fold your fabric strap around. Use your sewing machine to sew both layers of the strap onto each other and use a zig zag stitch to neaten the edge. Turn the strap inside out so that you don't see the zig zag edge anymore. Afterwards, take needle and thread and sew your tiny jewellery rings to the bow's top edges.
Take your cord or string and bind it to the jewellery rings.
Then you need the jewellery glue and the necklace clasp.
Glue the cord into the clasp and let it dry.
Now you are done. Have fun with your new necklace! :)
P.S.: As always, although some of the supplies for this blog post have been sponsored, this doesn't touch my opinion about the sponsor or my decisions concerning this blog post's content!


  1. Hallo Lu,
    dies ist ja eine echt tolle Idee. Vorallem da ich Schleifen Liebe :-)
    Deinen Blog finde ich einfach wunderbar, nur weiter so!
    Liebe Grüße

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