Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Late Summer in Instagram Photos.

Summer is nearly over and I can already smell the first days of fall, so here's how I'm enjoying the last late summer days of this year. :)
Ice cream date in the city with my new denim dress and apple accessories to get in the mood for a new season.
Home sweet home with a freshly cleaned kitchen and handmade paper flowers.
Birgit of Garn & mehr sent me a great surprise package with yarn matching my craft corner. // My cute Mogli. // Daily outfit. // Sleepy doggy. // Rainy days, but still colorful. // Crocheting with giant yarn.
Potsdam, my love.
Frozen yoghurt lunch break. // Candy watch!! // Working all day. // Mogli sitting next to my bed. // Even on our balcony one can see that fall is near. // Daily outfit.
New masking tapes. // Craft area. // Beautiful flowers. // Happy feet with my flamingo dress.
Eeeeks, farmers market in Potsdam. All those bright colors, nice smells and fresh (organic) things.
Flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables and everything is regional, mmhhhh!
Soap bubbles!! I got this awesome soft ice soap bubble dispenser from Juli, I love it! :) And what is cuter than a boyfriend making soap bubbles? :)
Before summer days are over and it's getting colder outside, we went on a bike tour and had some nice drinks, already saw some pumpkins and enjoyed the warm weather. And as always, weekends are filled with good food and days are begun with colorful outfits. :)

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  1. Ooo these colors are so vibrant and beautiful. I love the photos.



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