Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Life in Instagram Photos: Summer Edition.

Hello hello and happy Saturday! :) It's time for a new blogpost filled with Instagram photos from my everday life. I had three weeks of summer holidays and they were filled with quality time with friends and family, being at the lake, good food and travelling. See yourself! :)
New swimsuit and a day on the beach at the Wannsee.
Ice cream date with Anja and luggage for a trip to the Baltic Sea with Flo and Mogli.
The beautiful old building of our hotel. :)
Flo and I enjoyed a few days at the Baltic Sea, this was so relaxing! Long walks at the beach, quality time, swimming and sunbathing.
Back home, but packing again for a long girl's weekend in Kassel with Anja and Stefanie (and here's even a video)!! :*
Beach time at the Bugasee with the girls and we have been walking around a lot! :)
How much I love the colors in this photo!
Time with Stefanie and Anja was so great and I enjoyed every second! We took many photos, did sightseeing (I showed them my old hometown), took outfit photos and chatted a lot.
We also went to the Bergpark, Kassel's most famous place and there we had a breathtaking view! At the end of the weekend, we were all really sad that we had to say goodbye and I can't hardly wait for the next time!
Back home in Potsdam, there were only two days to relax and then I had to pack again, because we were going back to Kassel for a weekend with friends and family. I prepared a huge package for one of my closest friends who is soon going to become a father and I tried on my pink dress which I was planning to wear at a wedding party. :)
My oldest friend was getting married!!! Awww, so exciting and of course, we celebrated with him. While we were in our old hometown for a few days, we also went out with two of our best friends. :) I already miss them!
My mama and I went to my favorite zoo which is actually rather a wild park. I sat among penguins (eeeeeeks!!!!), fed a roe deer and enjoyed spending time with my mama. :)
Driving back home to Potsdam.
Back to work, there was a summer party for all DaWanda employees and there was a photo booth in which we also took a team photo of the Social Media Team in which I work. :)
After three weeks of travelling, packing, unpacking and meeting people, my dear friend Malin came from the other side of Germany to spend a long weekend with me. :)

I love thrifting!!
Malin and I spent one day in Berlin. She wanted to do some sightseeing and we also went into a photobooth. :)

I already miss her! Too sad that we only see each other once or twice a year, because we live so far away from each other!
Daily outfit and Mogli watching me below the bed. :D
Home sweet home! After all those great weeks of spending time with people I love, I'm happy to be home again and to have some time on my own. Although I enjoyed every minute and although I'm already missing all of them a lot (most of our friends live somewhere else and not really close to Potsdam), it feels good to have some quiet time at home again! :)
So back to everyday life and finally some quality time for only the two of us. Jump, jump, let's see who's getting higher! ;)
Thanks for reading and I hope your last weeks have also been filled with colorful moments!


  1. Look at all those colors, I am mesmerized by how bright and fun your summer has been!


  2. Seems like you had the best holidays! I absolutely love your turquoise sandals, may I ask where you bought them?

    love from Belgium,


    1. Hey Cindy! :) Those are Saltwater Sandals, I got them via Mod Cloth! :)


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