Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Life In Instagram Photos: Hello Summer!

Hello! :) It's been a while since my last blog post with Instagram photos from my everyday life, so there's a lot to catch up. All photos have been taken between the end of May and the end of July, so here we go:
Frozen yoghurt after work.
An abandoned train station we visited during a bike tour. // The Havel and boats in Potsdam. // A break during a bike tour. // Our balcony. :* // Yummy, waffles and fruit salad. // Hello!
Blue, green and yellow. // Sunset walk with Mogli.
Flo made pizza, mmmhh! // Turkish dinner. // Taking outfit photos. // Homemade raspberry lemonade. // One of my favorite vintage dresses. // All those strawberries are from our balcony!
A superhero themed party for all DaWanda employees I organized with the help of three other colleagues. The photo corner was the best thing! :) // Happy feet, matching shoes.

I love strawberries!
Greedy Mogli. // Pretty kitchen. // Strawberry cake. // Mhhm, sweet strawberry dessert, blogpost coming soon. // We were having a little pool on the balcony at work to cool down our feet during breaks. :) // Smurf.
Sunny day it Potsam. // Sunday at the Mauerpark with listening to karaoke and watching Anja being happy on a swing. // Best burger at Fräulein Burger.

I bought a colorful sunchair and a parasol. // Flo patiently taking outfit photos of me. // Mogli got colorful dots. You're soon gonna see why. :) That was fun, for him and for us! // Mhhhh, Spanish tapas dinner with my colleagues from DaWanda's social media team. // Awwww, happy happy mail day!! Juli of heimatPOTTential sent me the greatest summer package and made my day!! ;* // Restyled vintage summer dress.
Preparing food for our picnic.

I made a gorgeous summer picnic. :)
Fresh wild flowers for my mother. // Floral pattern and handmade bow belt. // Fresh organic food to cook dinner for my mama. :) // All these organic tomatoes (six different kinds!) were harvested on our balcony!
The prettiest cafe for having lunch with my mama. // Happy feet with my Saltwater Sandals. // In the woods with happy Mogli. // My sweet birthday boy at the lake. // Ohhh, this smell! // Wearing my beloved striped summer shirt which makes me look as if I was selling ice cream.

I love my Potsdam! We had a great day walking around with our friends. :)
There's nothing better than spending hot summer days at the lake. // What I wore. // Potsdam's Dutch quarter. // Werder, a pretty town at the water and next to Potsdam. // Ice cream date with Anja.
Perfect hot day with two of my favorite people: mini boat trip with Flo and Anja. We lazily enjoyed the sun and happily jumped into the water. ;)

How are you spending those hot summer days?


  1. Bei deinem Sommer wäre ich gerne dabei <3

  2. Perfekte Sommerferien und alles so schön bunt!:) Wunderbar!

  3. Dein Stream ist so Du! Alles fröhlich, bunt, mit viel Herz und Lebensfreude garniert oder angerichtet. Richtig, richtig toll!

  4. Ach toll, ich liebe mal wieder alles und es ist so toll, wie sich Farben (pink, gelb, türkis) und Muster (Blumen, Streifen) in den Fotos wiederholen. (: Außerdem finde ich es wunderbar, was für ein Talent du darin hast, das Gefühl eines Momentes durch ein Foto festzuhalten. Das Scrollen durch diese Bilder gab mir sofort das Gefühl eines wunderbaren Sommertages am See, auch wenn ich gerade von der Arbeit heimgekommen bin und es regnet. (: Danke dafür!

    Ich freue mich wie du auf Tage am See, aufgeregt-vorfreudige Hochzeitsvorbereitungen und Frühstück auf dem Balkon mit meinem Liebsten <3

    Deine Laura


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