Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DaWanda Relaunch Video featuring Flo and Mogli!

Hellooooo! :) Awwww, I'm so excited that I can finally post this video!! DaWanda has just relaunched a new website with a new design and for this reason, a relaunch spot has been made. The video shows what's new on DaWanda and maybe you're gonna recognize someone in the spot... :) Eeeeks, Flo and Mogli are so damn cute in the video and I totally love how the spot has turned out! :) We filmed the last part in Anja's family's beautiful garden and it was lots of fun!
Mogli was too cute to be true and he had lots of fun! He got some colorful foam rubber spots and was washed with doggie shampoo. No worries, of course everything has been done voluntarily and the most important thing was that Mogli felt comfortable during the shooting. Since he loves attention and is used to being among many people, this was quite easy and we were having a funny afternoon!
Have a look at DaWanda's new website look and have fun watching the video! :)


  1. Oh wie cool ist das denn! Das glaub ich dir aufs Wort, dass du aufgeregt bist. Ich glaube ich würde ganz hibbelig und grinsend rumrennen und jedem das Video unter die Nase halten ;-)
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Ich war schon ganz gespannt, was das wird :)! Tolles Ergebnis!

  3. Das Video ist total herzig geworden & wirklich sehr süß!:)

  4. Oh,wie nett! Toll, Deine Arbeit bei Dawanda.
    Viel Erfolg weiterhin!!!

  5. Wie toll! Mogli lacht ja richtig :D

    Liebste Grüße,


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