Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shop my closet! (vintage & handmade)

PLEASE NOTE: All items have already been sold and will soon be shipped to their new owners who now own a unique piece of clothing which is either handmade or vintage and I now have more space in my closet. :) Thanks for all your e-mails! :)

Hello friends! I recently looked into my wardrobe and noticed that there were a few vintage and handmade pieces that I hardly ever wear - either because they are not my size or not my style anymore.
I decided to start a little shop my closet sale here on the blog so that all those precious pieces can find a new owner who appreciates their value and uniqueness.

Here is how it works:
When you want to have one or several of those vintage or handmade pieces of clothing, send me an e-mail to luloveshandmade(at)web(dot)de with the subject line of the mail telling which piece(s) the mail is about. You then get my payment details (paypal only!) in order to transfer the money. First come, first serve. Please read the details of the pieces carefully, because this is just a private sale of second hand / handmade / vintage pieces of clothing and there won't be any refund or guarantee!
Worldwide shipping is included in the price and the closet sale will be held according to the principle first come, first serve! :)
All the vintage clothes are of course second hand, so there might be some traces of usage, but of course they are all in good condition and party even carefully altered, shortened or patched. The two handmade pieces were sewn by me and belong to the first pieces of clothing I have ever sewn. Of course they aren't technically perfect, - I'm no professional seamstress - but were made with lots of passion and are truly unique.
If there are any more questions, don't resitate to ask them in the comment section so that I can answer them publicly. :) Thanks!
I'd love to hand those piece over to a new owner. Happy shopping!

'The Blue Summer Breeze' dress:
This pretty vintage dress with white polka dots is made of 100% polyester, the white lining consists of 100% rayon, it can be washed at 30°.. The dress is closed with a zipper in the back and has a pretty collar. I looove the look of the dress but it simply doesn't fit. :)
>>> 30€ SOLD! :)

'Flower Baby' dress
This beautiful floral summer vintage dress is made of 67% rayon and 33% cotton. Hand wash only. The dress is closed with some buttons and is rather a short dress (as it can be seen in the photo where it is worn by my pretty friend Stef), it has been shortened by me.
>>> 30€ SOLD! :)

"Dotty" dress
This bright polka dot vintage dress has buttons in the front and comes with a matching fabric cord as a belt (the red belt in the photo is not included). There is no information what the dress is made of, but I assume that it is polyester. The dress has been shortened by me, it's such a pretty and airy piece for summer and can perfectly be combine with matching shoes and a cute bag. :)
>>> 30€ SOLD! :)

"Blue Monday" dress
This one is a rather simple floral dress with a really simple shape and a small pocket on the front side. It comes with a matching cord which can again be used as a belt. The dress has been shortened by me and was made in Honduras, consisting of 55% cotton and 45% polyester.
>>> 15€ SOLD! :)

"Back to the 70s" dress
Being my first handmade dress ever, this one has been sewn last year and is made of 70s (?) fabric I found in a thrift store. This dress was part of a blog series about what to make out of vintage fabric, so this is really special to me. I only give it away because of two reasons: it's way too big for me and the colors do not really mach my clothes' color concept. :) The dress comes without the belt and I assume that the fabric is made of rayon. Wash at 30°.
>>> 30€ SOLD! :)

"Spring Flower" skirt
This skirt was one of the first pieces of clothing I have ever sewn myself. It is made of pretty floral cotton fabric and a polyester lining. The upper ending of the skirt is elastic so that you can either wear it at the hip or tight.
>>> 25€ SOLD! :)

Let me know if there are questions. All other details are provided above. :)

PLEASE NOTE: All items have already been sold! :)


  1. Ooooh, I love that "Back to the 70's Dress" so much, it's absolutely my style!
    But unfortunately it's way to big for me, too :-/
    But it's a great idea to offer your Dresses like this!
    Best wishes,

  2. Sehr hübsche Sachen, natürlich sind alle sofort weggegangen :) Das wäre vom Schnitt ein perfekter Fahrrad-Rock für mich gewesen, sowas suche ich immer. Hast du den nach einem Bestimmten Muster genäht, oder selbst ausgedacht? Liebe Grüße!

    1. Liebe Trixi, den Schnitt habe ich selber gemacht. :) Wenn ich ab August mehr Zeit habe, kann ich Dir auch gern so einen mit Deinem Wunschstoff nähen. :)


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