Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: Crafty magazine

Hello! :) Today I am going to review the second issue of Crafty magazine, a DIY mag from the UK which is brand new and full of DIY ideas. I had recently been contacted by the editor and been asked if I wanted to write a review for my blog - of course I wanted! :) Well, Crafty is a new crafts and lifestyle magazine with lots of tutorials for projects you can then try out yourself.

There are lots of lovely illustrations and drawings inside the magazine and the paper is so nice, I love magazines which are printed on good quality paper!
Definitely the best thing about the magazine are the many DIY projects. There's a huge variety of craft projects in there and what I liked a lot about them was that these weren't projects I've already seen on Pinterest a hundred times (unfortunately, that's currently the case with many other DIY magazines, you only see projects in there which are displayed all over the Internet anyways). :) What I rather don't like about the mag is that the layout is sometimes a bit confusing, I'm missing bigger headlines for what a page is about. Moreover, when reading the magazine, I had been expecting a lot more stories about creative people and indie businesses and insights behind the scenes of people's creative work, so that's definitely a thing I was a bit disappointed about.

I loooove the layout of the cover, the bright colors and the fonts, it's definitely pretty to look at. Furthermore, the magazine comes with a nice gift, a little purse clasp. In the magazine you can find a really detailed tutorial for how to sew a purse using this clasp, even in different styles. Who doesn't like buying a magazine and then getting an extra gift? :) All in all, I quite like the magazine - especially all the interesting DIYs, they are great - but I think there's definitely lots of potential for more interesting stories and features and to develop a clearer structure of the mag's content, because this was sometimes a bit confusing for me as a new reader.
Has anyone of you already read this mag? What is your feedback?
Lu :)


  1. Fantastic Magazine! thanks for your honest tips. And hope to find something like that in Switzerland.
    Good luck with the review! ;)Ale

  2. I can't believe I hadn't heard about this before! Off to ahve a look at their website now :-)

  3. Cool, das kannte ich bisher noch gar nicht! Bin Riesen Handmade Kultur Fan, aber das liest sich auf jeden fall auch gut! Danke für den Bericht!


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