Thursday, May 16, 2013

On our balcony - the little oasis.

Hello everyone! :) Aww, thanks for all the cute comments on my latest outfit! :)
Today I wanna share with you how our balcony is currently looking and how I made it ready for my favorite season of the year.
This was our balcony a few weeks ago, showing how everything was left during winter. It took me one whole afternoon to clean and reorganize everything. :)
When days got warmer, we bought some little and inexpensive flower pots to add some color to the balcony. A short time later, we received two huuuuge parcels with organic plants that my mother has ordered, awesome!!! She sent strawberry plants, four different kinds of basil and six (!!) different kinds of tomatoes (among others, really old and natural kinds of tomatoes), can't wait to eat the first ones this summer!
It took some time to carefully repot everything, but this is so relaxing and so much fun! :)
I love the two chairs, the small table and the plant sidetable, all in white. The chairs are vintage and from DaWanda (my mother got them for me as a birthday present last year :)), the table is from a local hardware store and I found the plant sidetable on the street last year. As one lovely follower then wisely commented on my Instagram photo, "one man's trash is another man's treasure!" So true! :)
About three weeks ago, I put sunflower seeds into the pots and I can watch them grow on a daily basis. :) The little bird's house was a birthday present I got from Flo last year, so cute! :) The little lantern was a birthday gift from my lovely fabric store colleague last year and as you can see, there's no perfectly-equipped balcony without soap bubbles. :)
The tomatoes are growing so incredibly fast, unbelievable!
We had some strawberry plants left from last year (they survived winter, yeah!!!) and my mother also got us new ones. The already have lots of blossoms, won't take long until I can harvest fresh strawberries!! :)
Last year, Anja got me fresh peppermint and this also survived winter. :)
This photo has just been taken today after I again repotted some plants. :) The pillows are handmade, the pillow case DIY can be found here on magnoliaelectric. :)

Now our balcony is super ready for summer and the rest of spring, we are enjoying every minute out there. The only thing which is still missing is a parasol, because there's sun on our balcony all day and in summer sometimes even too much sun. :)
Do you have a balcony? Or even are garden (lucky you!!)? ;)


  1. It looks so nice and romantic...a lovely place to sit down <3 Jessi

  2. I would definitely love to have either a garden or a big balcony. We're moving back to Berlin soon, so that will be a must!
    Cheers, Anni

  3. Your balcony looks very nice. It surely is a good place to relax!


  4. So pretty!! :) :) We started with planting too and the cucumbers and zucchinis are growing so fast. :D

  5. Wow, sieht total erholsam aus. Wirklich eine Oase.

    Lg Claudia

  6. Aw, I love what you've done! It's so cozy, colorful and cute!

  7. Oh ja, euer Balkon ist eine wahre Oase! So toll, wie du alles hergerichtet hast, da möchte man sich einfach nur hinsetzen und an allem erfreuen und eine kühle Limo trinken - natürlich mit frischen Erdbeeren und Minze abgeschmeckt. (: Nach deinem Post kann ich es kaum abwarten, wieder nach Hause zu kommen und unseren Balkon herzurichten! Magst du vielleicht noch verraten, wo deine Mama die Pflanzen bestellt hatte? Das klingt supergut!

    Alles Liebe, viele sonnige Tage und eine reiche Ernte wünscht


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