Thursday, May 23, 2013

5 things to do with KAMSnaps - DIY: Cat needle case.

Hello, hello! :) Remember my two last DIYs using KAMSnaps? :) I recently shared a tutorial for how to sew a fabric bow bracelet and a tutoril for a faux leather business card holder. So today here's the third part of the series called "5 things to do with KAMSnaps" featuring the awesome products of my sponsor Snaply who sent me a package with lots of awesome things from their shop that I've chosen in order to show you what to make with their products.
This tutorial today is the third out of five blog posts telling you what to use KAMSnaps for. These are colorful plastic snaps which you can use for many different projects and they are so useful. So here's my third idea, a DIY for how to make a cat needle case made of felt for which you can use the free pattern that I created. :)
Let's go:
 What you need:
- KAMSnaps, a KAMSnap plier and a bradawl
- Felt in two different colors
- Paper and printer for the pattern
- Scissors to cut out the pattern
- Fabric cutter
- Needle and embroidery yarn
- All-purpose or fabric glue
First of all, print out the pattern in any size you like. You can download the cat pattern here. Then use the pattern for cutting out felt. Take a pen for drawing the cat's face onto the felt and use needle and embroidery yarn to stitch the face onto the felt cat.
After stitching the face onto the felt, cut out tiny scraps and glue them onto the ears. Afterwards, take your fabric cutter to cut out a smaller piece of felt on which you will later put the needles. Put it into the middle of the cat and use the embroidery yarn to attach both layers onto each other.
When sewing both layers onto each other, make a bow in the middle. Then fold the cat in the middle and put both layers onto each other. Next, take the bradawl to make holes into the ears so that you can then put them KAMSnaps through the holes. They will then be used to close that needle case. You can then put all your needles through the felt and organize them this way. :)
That's it, you're done! :)
If you make this case yourself, please share a link, I'd love to see your result!! :)
Happy crafting!


  1. Wunderschöne Idee! :-)

  2. Süßes Kätzchen, passt sehr gut zu dir.

    Lg Claudia

  3. süüüß, total schöne idee!!!

  4. Was für eine herrliche Idee! So ein Nadelbuch steht auch schon ganz lange auf meiner DIY-To-Do-Liste. (: Deine Projektideen sind einfach immer klasse und ich liebe die süßen Tiere, die in letzter Zeit deine Designs zieren...

    Alles Liebe,

  5. Wunderbare Idee! Als Katzenverrückte muss ich das wohl leider nachmachen.. :)

  6. Sehr niedlich! Ich bin jetzt auch endlich im Besitz einer Kam Snap Zange und das ist eine sooo tolle Erfindung. Süße Idee mit der Katze :) Ich hab zwar schon ein Nadelheft, aber ab jetzt kann man es auch mit einem Kam Snap schließen :D

    Liebe Grüße!

  7. can i reshare it on my blog ?

    1. Of course, as long as you give credit to me and link back to the original source. :) Thanks!

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