Monday, April 22, 2013

Pink, green and polka dots - goodbye winter outfit.

Coat: asos
Dress: h&m
Tights and earrings: unknown
Boots: Zara
Scarf: handmade
Bag: Roland
Watch: Casio, xmas present by Flo :*
Ring: gift by Flo :)
Necklace: handmade gift by Anja :)
Nailpolish: essie (cute as a button)

Hello! :) More than one week ago, my sweet best friend Anja and I spent our Saturday walking around, eating ice cream and taking outfit photos. It didn't feel like spring, yet, but it felt like the end of winter was over, the air was fresh and warm, it smelled so good and the sun was there all the time, so I regard this outfit as a goodbye winter outfit. :) In the meantime (between we took those photos and today), I have already worn sandals and light summer dresses, which means that warmer days have already come, feels so good! :)
On the day we took the outfit photos, I wore my beloved pink coat, green accessories and my extremely beloved new white dress with black polka dots (I had been searching for such a dress for a really long time!! :)).
This green bag is so pretty, I like it a lot.
The coral necklace once was a handmade gift I got from Anja. :)
One of my favorite dresses!! :)
Aww, the watch, Flo got it for me last xmas, I love it! 
Bye, bye, winter, welcome spring! :)


  1. meine lieblingsfotos fehlen aber *knihihihi :*

  2. This is sooo cute and fresh, I love it!

  3. total schööööön!!! Ich mag das grün und das zarte pink!!! Würd ich auch glatt tragen :D Lg Jessi

  4. Schön und bunt wie immer :-)

    Lg Claudia

  5. So love your blog. ..... and this outfit is adorable..... those boots SWOON ♡

  6. i love the green and pink, i would not have combined it i dont think, but it works!
    xo, aiyanajane ||

  7. Wah, ich glaube, das Outfit ist eines meiner liebsten von dir bisher! Ich liebe die Kombination von diesem großartigen leuchtenden grün mit dem zarten rosa. Und das tolle Punktekleid passt großartig dazu. (:

    Supersüß, du Liebe! Genieß den Frühling, hier erkennt man ihn leider daran, dass es ständig regnet und ein paar Blümchen ihren Weg aus der Erde finden.

    Alles Liebe,

  8. Wunderwunderschön! Die Farben sehen toll aus miteinander, und ich liiiiieeeeeebe dein kleid und deine tasche!!! <3
    LG Jojo


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