Saturday, April 27, 2013

My April in Instagram photos: from winter to spring.

Hello!:) Wow, winter has finally gone and spring has begun, this feels so good! More sunshine, warmer days and sitting outside adds so much more quality to one's life, I love those days and here's what happened recently according to my phone photos. If you want to see more, follow me on Instagram. :)
Colorful kitchen, Flo made waffles. // Smoothie. // Mogli waiting for something to eat. ;) // Ayy caramba!!
Craft day. // New handmade magnets. // Handpainted camera tote. // Ready for an employee photo shoot at DaWanda, I took the handmade gamepad pillow with me to use it as prop. // Pretty door. // Outfit of the day.
On my desk. // New magnets on the fridge. // Pretty door in Berlin. // Paper workshop at DaWanda with sweet Anna of annmeer. :*
What I wore. :)) // First frozen yoghurt of the year with Flo. // Floral arrangement on our kitchen table. // Colorful wall in Berlin made me happy.
Colorful paper. // Daily way to work from Potsdam to Berlin. // Little sleeping shrimp. // Sunny day during a daytrip to Hannover to meet my mama. :)) // Necklace from nahili that I won. // What I wore.
Fresh organic fruits and veggies for the weekend. // Happy feet.
My craft table. // New posters and postcards of my illustrations that I got printed. // Baby stuff that I have sewn. // New dresses!! :)
A new collection of paper notebooks and gift tags that I have finished. // Daily outfit, finally warm enough to wear one of my favorite vintage dresses. // Happy feet with white sneakers. // My new turquoise Saltwater Sandals. :* // The cutest car ever!! // New beloved polka dot dress.
Awwwww, I love this photo of Flo and Mogli so much!! // Walking around with these two. :* // Happy feet, stole Flo's headphones. // Balcony makeover, before and after. :)

I met super sweet Anne Svea at DaWanda, such a charming and talented person! // Happy feet. // What I wore. // This greedy little stinker wanted my sorbet! :D // Mogli and his old friend Fill met after a long time of not seeing each other and Mogli got lots of kisses. :D // This cute little smurf had a super sandy nose. :)
Awww, finally warm enough to eat on the balcony!! // Super delicious dinner with a plate full of grilled delicious things.
Spring outfit with my handmade skirt I made last year. // Pretty houses in Potsdam. // Walking my sweet dog. :) // Happy feet. // Mogli was ready for some cuddling. ) // Wedding dress show at DaWanda with a huuuuge wedding cake to display cake pops. :)
This was fun, a little team photo shooting as DaWanda's social media team with my colleagues Wiebke, Laura, Lena and Anna. :) My internship is lots of fun and I learn a lot and get to know super interesting people! :)
Floral dresses make me happy! // Awww, our balcony, I'm currently turning it into an oasis and bought lots of flower pots.
Pretty pompom decor at the Snuggery, so pretty. // Happy feet with my daily outfit and a dress with a pretty floral pattern. // Vintage dress day. :) // Happy feet with my new sandals, sunny and warm day. // Mogli is the cutest: he always wants to be with us, even on a 3 square meter balcony. :D // Repotting plants, my mother sent me lots of organic plants: six different kinds of tomato plants and four different kinds of basil. :)
Awww, Mogli is the cutest dog on earth. :) I looove taking photos with this cutie and hanging out with him and Flo. Wearing my handmade kitty shirt on the photo. :)

Thanks for reading! :) Hope your April has been as colorful and happy as mine!! :) Lu


  1. wow, du bist so unheimlich kreativ und kommst so lebensfroh und glücklich rüber! es ist einfach eine freude deine fotos anzugucken und dein dalmatiner hat es mir wirklich angetan ♥

    1. dem kann ich nur zustimmen :)

  2. your life looks so colorful; it's fantastic! I love your sense of style. It's so cute and colorful. It reflects you perfectly.

  3. supersüß. :) und dein workspace sieht immer so ordentlich aus. ;)

  4. You and your Mogli made my day ! Beautifuuul ! :D

  5. Dien April war echt sooo produktiv! Dein Arbeitszimmer inspiriert mich so sehr.
    Es ist alles so einfach und so schön. Echt toll! Dein Leben ist bestimmt sehr bunt. ♥

  6. Wie schaffst du das immer nur? So viele super schöne Dinge. Nicht nur das mir die Zeit fehlt auch die Ideen fehlen mir. Wie hast du das denn mit den Magneten gemacht?

  7. Your photos always make me smile! :-)

  8. Wirklich witzig, den Übergang vom Winter zum Frühling zu beobachten. (: Deine Fotos sind mal wieder supertoll und ich LIEBE all deine wunderbaren Kleider und wie toll du diese kombinierst. Das gelbe von Modcloth, das mit den Punkten und das geblümte, das du beim Dawanda-Shoot trägst, haben's mir besonders angetan. SO inspirierend mal wieder, du Liebe! (:

    Alles Liebe,
    deine Laura


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