Monday, April 01, 2013

Handmade bunny Easter baskets.

Hallo and happy Easter monday! :) Inspired by this cute Easter basket DIY I found via Pinterest, I decided to interpret the idea my own way and made two cute bunny paperboard baskets for Flo and Anja. :)

I simply cut out paperboard and for the smaller basket, I used it to make a square bowl, for the bigger one, I simply made a round 'basket' and put a plate underneath.
To attach the different pieces of paperboard, I used KAM Snaps which I had recently received from my new sponsor Snaply (more projects coming very soon! :)). It's super easy, they are plastic snaps which hold together several layers of paperboard (or in other cases: fabric, leather, felt, ...) and in this case, they helped me to attach the bunny ears and to hold the baskets together. This way, I didn't need any tape or ugly fixing needles and a stapler.
Soo damn cute!
Of course, I filled both baskets with tiny surprises and sweet treats and both, Flo and Anja, really liked them. :)
Enjoy your Monday! :)


  1. Die sind echt schön ..... darüber freut sich jedes Kind

  2. Hallo, die sind ja goldig! Dein Blog ist super! Du hast so viele kreative Ideen!


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