Sunday, February 10, 2013

This was my January in Instagram photos.

Hey everyone! ;) I'm warning you, tons of photos are about to follow! :)
January has been a super exciting month, full o new impressions, new people and colorful days. Because I took so many photos, I was really hard to sort them and to choose which ones to post, so this blog entry is gonna be really long. :)
So here's what happened in January:

I had my first day as social media intern at DaWanda and I wore mustard and lace. :) // That are the DaWanda sign, the couch in the entrance hall and the old building in which DaWanda's headquarter is located in Berlin. // On the photo in the middle, you can see part of DaWanda's Snuggery, a mixture of showroom, shop and workspace. // Pink winter dress. // New dresses arrived for summer. // California breakfast slam in Berlin with Flo. :) // Candy outfit.
Vintage paradise. // The man I love! :* // My awesome Christmas presents. // New dresses. // Handmade Peter Pan collar made from faux leather. // Outfit of the day, wearing my new vintage belt I got from Malin for xmas. // Pizza date with Anja. // Wearing one of my new dresses. // Being sick at home, enjoying to watch baby Mogli sleep.
My workspace. // Lena of DaWanda visited me at home to make a short seller education video with me in which I talk about how blogging can support one's own shop. :)) // On the photo in the middle, you can see my favorite cafe in Potsdam. // Our colorful bed. // Together with my colleague, I have been giving my first workshop at the DaWanda Snuggery and I made myself a white faux leather collar during the workshop. // New dress. :)
My colleague and I have been working at DaWanda's DIY table at the Fashion Blogger Cafe during the Berlin Fashion week and we have been crafting all day. So much fun to work for DaWanda. :) // One of the funniest girl's evenings with my bestie Anja. :* // I'm in nailpolish heaven, I got tons of great colors for free and this is why my collection has grown so much. // Weekend trip to the countryside with Flo, we were out for a walk with Mogli and took outfit photos in the fields. // Another new dress with which I'm deeply in love.
Outfit of the day with a handmade headband and a handmade squirrel necklace. // Retro enamel brooch. // Mogli the little sailor. // Berlin in winter. // Daily outfit with a new handbag. // Candy street. // Pretty dishes at the thrift store. // Thrifting with Anja and her parents. // Tiny brunch break and pretty colors.
Loving that girl so much, we are always enriching our lives. :* // Beautiful thrift finds. // Out in the snow. // Such a productive weekend: I handprinted many new totes. // Packing orders and embellishing them with tape and handmade rubber stamps. // Fresh flowers in our kitchen. // Outfit of the day for my very first public workshop as Luloveshandmade!!! :) // I prepared and prettily decorated the Snuggery for my workshop.
Loooots of people came to my workshop, about 40 people! // They all made colorful pinboards, so much fun. // Sleepy Mogli. // Home, sweet home. // Sunday brunch. // My kitchen cabinet from the 50s I restored and painted myself. // Making rubber stamps. // My second craft table and my supplies. // New animal totes with new designs. :)

All those colorful moments and new experiences in January, such a good month!
Huh, are you still reading and looking at the huge amount of photos?? :) Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a lovely Sunday! :)


  1. Ach ich liebe deienen STil und deine Outfits! Du strahlst auch so viel Wärme und soviel Positives aus...da muss man ja gleich mit gute Laune bekomme!!!

  2. Such an amazing set of photos, you sure have been a busy lady!
    Also, I envy your bright and colourful outfits <3

  3. Awwww.. I'm on a diet and I miss my brunch Sundays so much!! :(((

  4. Ops, hi again! I got a prize for my blog and I've decided to share it with you!


  5. Die Bilder sind echt richtig schön geworden !:)
    Würde mich freuen wenn du mal vorbei schauen würdest !:)
    Merle :)


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